You Are a Supporter, You Just Haven’t Been Assigned a Number


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Supporters at Colette in Paris, France

Supporters milling around at Colette in Paris, France.

As noted yesterday, Colors Magazine is celebrating collectors this winter and we’d like to highlight one of our own – a Parisian graphic designer-cum-artist who is collecting supporters. Not on Twitter, Facebook or other, but in the good ol’ fashioned real world.

Supporters of what you may ask? Read on

Stefan de Vivies, co-founder of the super fabulous Parisian design studio, Hartlandvilla, started asking those around him, “will you be a supporter?” And as it goes with friends and family, they often agree without really understanding the reason.

Jimmy Bob, will you buy this entire box of chocolate bars to raise funds for blah blah blah to help blah blah blah? Sure Georgie Boy, will ya pass the potatoes?

So one by one, friends, family and neighbors signed on. Each person is given a personal, non-transferable number and Stefan prints it on a unique article of clothing supplied by the supporter.

Supporter numbers belong to a series going from 1 to infinity. Numbers are allocated in increasing, sequential order. However, supporters themselves are a varied and unordered lot. They have been known to travel, create, become rock stars, love, mate, have off-spring (sometimes with each other), work, play tennis and run carelessly in big fields of open green.

When asked to define what a supporter is, Stefan says, “the supporter supports his number, his desire, his ego, his sneakers and his step-mom… maybe. He—or in fact she—likes to go on a stroll flaunting her—or in fact his—number with more or less chutzpah, while whistling The Bridge on the River Kwai.”

You are a supporter, now get your number!

And while your at it, get yourself further in the mood by listening to Bob Dylan singing ‘Everybody’s Gotta Serve Somebody’ at the 1980 Grammy’s.

Oh Bob, we like you!


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