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The world is yours—just grab the radius tool in the upper right hand corner and take a trip near or far

Definitely one of the coolest things about working on Krrb is the non-stop adventure that presents itself simply by opening the site. Krrb is set up in such a way that when you sign in you will be presented with the items that are within the closest proximity to you. The hyper-local component is a beautiful thing but for those with wander lust (like myself) you can satisfy your worldly yearnings by simply grabbing hold of the handy-dandy radius tool and sliding it further out. Venture out a few blocks from your home or glide across your entire town with ease.

Feel like taking things a bit further? Just keep on sliding the tool out to its furthest reaches and see what comes into your world view. This is how I prefer to use Krrb. It’s endlessly fascinating and gives you a window to places as varied as Ambala City, Haryana in India to Zurich, Switzerland, and San Diego, California. On my journeys through what I like to call “The Greatest Garage Sale in the World” I’ve bought some mighty Shaolin sneakers from Paris…

Mighty Shaolin Sneakers

Common shoes for Kung Fu Figting

Beautiful mid-century serving trays from Norwalk, Connecticut…

Mid-century serving trays from Norwalk, Connecticut

Only $25!

And some slick kicks right here in Brooklyn amongst other finds from around the globe.

Slick kicks by Steven Madden

Slick kicks had for a song

But as is often the case some of the most interesting stuff is can be hidden right under your nose as is the case with my find for the day, Carrier Pigeon, a magazine of illustrated fiction and fine art based not too far from our offices. I was not familiar with Carrier Pigeon until my daily Krrb meanderings brought me to their doorstep—or rather their “corner.” They’ve only put out three issues and are in production on their fourth but a quarterly subscription featuring limited-edition hand-made prints is just what the doctor ordered for a few of my friends. Each issue is limited-edition as well with only 1,000 copies being printed.

Carrier Pigeon - issue1_cover_large

Carrier Pigeon, Issue One

You never know what you might find on Krrb but that moment of discovery is what it’s all about. Whether in your backyard or across the continent a simple click can open our mind to extremely local culture. Take a stroll through the wilds of the internet and then make a point to get out there and explore first hand what the world has in store for you. Sounds like a perfect new year’s resolution to me.



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  • Yeah these are Chinatown Fei Yue knock-offs … back in the day when I was training kung fu, actual Fei Yues were hard to come by. But now a days they are all the rage, especially here in France.


  • Shaolin sneakers are actually Fei Yue, sneakers used by millions of chinese young students using them in gym class. The company almost disappeared until acquired by 2 French guys.