[CLOSED] Enter – Winter ‘Garage Sale’ Contest!


Krrb Winter 'Garage Sale' Corner Contest

Now that the weather is clearing up and spring is in sight (for us optimistic ones), join us in downsizing your home or studio. Post five (or more) items during the month of March to Krrb.com and you could win $250 cash + 50 free Krrb credits. Double your chances to win with our Social Choice Award

How to enter

1 — Join Krrb and post

If you are not already a member, join Krrb for free and start posting immediately – it’s fun, fast and easy. Your items are displayed elegantly in Krrb’s hyper-local listings and in your own personal ‘corner’ shop.

2 — Curate your ‘garage sale’ corner

Pick a fun idea from the list below, mix it up or make up your own. Don’t forget to complete all your settings such as setting your corner name and address, uploading a picture and a short bio. For doing so, Krrbie will reward free credits.

3 — Make your submission

Once you’re done, make your submission by commenting below this blog post with the URL link to your Krrb corner. Only entries with 5 posts or more will be considered. All posts in your corner must be real and available to your neighbors.

4 — Double your chances to win

The entry with the most ‘Facebook Likes’ across all posts wins the ‘Social Choice Award’. So spread the word and get your friends, family and neighbors checking out your goods.

The deadline for submissions is Sunday, March 27th at 11:59pm EST. We’ll announce the winners on March 29th via blog post and newsletter.


Prizes include:

Top corner (1) winner — $250 USD (via PayPal) + 50 free Krrb credits

Social choice (1) winner — $50 USD (via PayPal) + 50 free Krrb credits

Honorable corners (5) winners — 50 free Krrb credits


Judging will be based off the following criteria:

Storytelling — How well does your corner and each post tell a personal story?

Neighborly — Is the overall tone friendly, familiar and fun?

Creativity — Are you using Krrb in an innovative and imaginative way?

Quality — Pretty pictures and well-written text goes a long way.

A few fun ideas…

Pre-spring cleaning — It’s cold outside, the heat is on and it’s stuffy inside. Give yourself some breathing room and sell off a few things creating clutter around the house.

Studio stash — Sell off your extra materials for your art, craft, design, etc.

Treasure trove — Dust off that old stuff in your basement or attic and give it a good new home. Your trash is another’s treasure.

Closet clearance — Make room in your closet by getting rid of the stuff you’re not wearing.

Craft corner — Showcase and sell your craft to your neighbors, they’ll be happy to know you’re right around the corner.

Giveaway madness — OMG, you’re crazy for giving that away! That’s right, give it all away, you’ll feel soooo much better.

No purchase necessary. This competition is open to all Krrb members, including international members! You may submit multiple corners as long as each corner represents a different entity (e.g. your personally and your business). See official rules.

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  • exceptional post! I hate commenting and i dont normally do it but because i enjoyed this, what the heck! Thanks alot!:)

  • Adriana

    Hi, thank you very much Krrb is such a great place, am very hapy of be part of this.

    U can check out my corner here: http://krrb.com.com/serialseller

    Thanks again

  • Kyria Baker

    Okay, I’ve posted 5 items. I hope this takes off. It’s a pretty cool idea!

  • Check out my yarn crafty corner!



  • Calire

    Paris (is) in the Place: http://krrb.com/calire

  • bobbyblacks
  • Irene Robertson

    Woohoo! Just made 6 postings (3 items, but in 2 places cause I have 2 houses). In one of my areas, I am the very first to post. Exciting.

  • Irene Robertson

    Woohoo! Just made 6 postings (3 items, but in 2 places cause I have 2 houses). In one of my areas, I am the very first to post. Exciting.

  • prize for most random unrelated items?? http://krrb.com/yardsale

  • Marge Simpson

    I’d like to enter my corner! I was told recently I had a hoarding problem so I guess here I am!

  • Robert

    I am a subscriber please enter me in the contest. I am soooo happy that spring is finally here…I hope, because in Kansas you just never know because it could and has snowed big time in May.

  • Hey Robert! Big welcome from Paris to Kansas! All you have to do to enter is comment with the URL link to your Krrb corner. For example, mine is http://krrb.com/george

  • Awesome Diana! I wanna see Chicagoans take the lead in this! Thanks for the support!

  • Diana

    Love this contest idea! I can feel Chicagoans with their toes right there on the starting line, waiting to get a jump on the yard sale season. Posting about it today on Garage Sale Warrior.

  • Brigid

    Great idea! I plan on using Krrb and hope it catches on. I have created 5 posts. Check out my corner:

  • Amiedanny

    I’ve posted my 5! wah-hoo!

  • Kyle Wilke

    Here is goes, nothing to crazy but there is a gem in there if you look

  • Bonjour! Just got back from a long walk in Butte Chaumont and watched the Paris Parade get started in Gambetta … super fun in the Paris sun!

  • Calire

    Sunny shinny Sunday in Paris and a new corner to contest: http://krrb.com/calire
    Only 3 news items for today, did I tell you it’s sunny here? Well, we’ve craving for sun, so 3 posts and I’m going out to enjoy a bit of it :) 2 more posts to come until the 27th I promise!

    ThAnK yOu guys, it’s been fun updating my corner :*)


  • Josie Kristina Nicole

    My Virtual Yard Sale. I need to Spring Clean because I need money for college.
    My garage sale corner

  • Thank you Nicole! Your post is super nice … I even forced my daughter to sit down and read it this morning and she’s only three! :D http://thriftstoreconfidential.com/?f

  • You folks are brilliant! Crafting a post about this as we speak. Keep up the good work!