What’s Cooking — Sip Chilled Soups to Beat the Heat


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What's Cooking — Sip Chilled Soups to Beat the Heat

Photo: Basiadziadosz.tumblr

When the heat waves hit, nothing will get me into the kitchen. The idea of cooking and eating hot foods is unappealing. But after sampling a chilled soup at a neighborhood bistro, I’m onboard for sipping my meals through the dog days of summer. Gazpacho is just the tip of the iceberg, read on to see just how many delicious and satisfying cold creations you can make!

Fruit Based Fare

What's Cooking — Sip Chilled Soups to Beat the Heat

Photo: Beardandbonnet.com

Fruit is never sweeter than when it’s in peak during the summer season. These options will have you rethinking what to do with the fresh bowl of berries on your kitchen counter.

  • The intoxicating smell of ripe strawberries and tanginess of Greek yogurt make this Chilled Strawberry Soup an instant winner from Beard and Bonnet.
  • Mangos, ginger and mint elevate this Watermelon Soup recipe to the next level.
  • You could consider this easy peasy Chilled Blueberry Soup a dessert of sorts. With a bit of allspice and sour cream, it’s both savory and sweet.
  • Vegan and Oh so Flavorful

    What's Cooking — Sip Chilled Soups to Beat the Heat

    Photo: Withfoodandlove.com

    Balancing rich flavors with lighter fare takes some work. These vegan options make it look and taste easy.

  • Smooth and silky, you’d never guess that this Cream of Basil soup is vegan and completely raw.
  • Coconut milk, jalepeños and lemongrass pack all the kick you need in a Thai Pea Soup by Running to the Kitchen.
  • Creamy avocado paired with the refreshing flavor of cucumber make this recipe by Pickles N Honey oh so delicious. Top it with your favorite veggies.
  • Protein Packed Combinations

    What's Cooking — Sip Chilled Soups to Beat the Heat

    Photo: Lovesugarandspices.com

    If you’re hankering for some grilled surf and turf options with your soup, look no further. Meatier recipes are out there and they offer all the refreshing elements of meatless varieties.

  • A little chicken broth blended into this Chilled Avocado Soup added depth to the flavor, serve bowls of this concoction with grilled shrimp on top.
  • I fell in love with Salmorejo while traveling along the coast of Spain. My favorite way to eat this raw tomato soup is with bits of crispy Serrano ham on top.
  • Raw tuna and long shavings of cucumber in a rice vinegar and fresh ginger broth makes this soup visually enticing. Gourmet Traveller has the recipe so you too can expand your palate.
  • A Twist on a Classic

    What's Cooking — Sip Chilled Soups to Beat the Heat

    Photo: Ciaoflorentina.com

    When your heart belongs to the traditional bowl of gazpacho, there are ways to mix it up. These recipes focus on the freshness of tomatoes while enhancing it new flavors.

  • Your mouth will water at the sight of this beauty from Ciao Florentina. Heirloom tomatoes and fresh basil are a match made in heaven in this delightful dish.
  • You don’t have to roast your own red peppers, pick up a jar instead—but either way, the smokey flavor makes this recipe a must-have.
  • You’ll laugh at the name of this delicious recipe from The Endless Meal. Use only ripe, squishy green tomatoes to make Ugly Green Tomato Gazpacho.
  • These recipes should get you through the end of summer. If you have other ideas for chilled soups, share them below!


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