5 Weird Museums to Visit on Your Next Road Trip


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Weird Museums for Collector

Mike Fountaine is the owner of the world’s largest collection of McDonalds memorabilia. Photo: Telegraph.co.uk

It takes a special person to be a collector. A passion to acquire is essential, no matter the subject. From sneakers to coins to Star Wars memorabilia and presidential figurines, collectors feel a need to amass—almost an obsession really. For museums based on collections, that passion is taken a step further. It must be categorized and shared. These weird museums were started by collectors. And whether or not you care for the collection, you can admire their dedication to the subject. Check them out!

Rancho Obi-wan

Weird Museums for Collectors

Photo: Facebook.com/RanchoObiWan

Started by owner Steve Sansweet, Rancho Obi-Wan touts itself as completely unlike any other Star Wars memorabilia collection. It’s definitely the world’s largest private Star Wars collection. Steve gives tours of everything Star Wars-related, from fan-made art to screen-used props collected over the past 40 years.

Mini Chair Gallery

Weird Museums for Collectors

Photo: Minichairgallery.net

Since 1999, Barbara Harper Hartsfield has collected miniature chairs. There are several museums focused on miniatures but only Barbara focuses on chairs made from various materials including wood, iron, plastic and so on. In 2007, her collection was recognized as a “World Record Holder” for 3,000 miniature chairs. If you’re ever in Georgia, stop by her “tiny” museum and get a view of her vast assortment.

Museum of Bad Art

Weird Museums for Collectors

Photo: Facebook.com/pages/Museum-of-Bad-Art

Bringing the worst of art to the masses, the Museum of Bad Art regularly has special exhibits dedicated to bad art. From landscapes to portraits and abstract pieces, there really is a lot of bad art out there and MoBA has over 600 pieces. According to their website, these artworks “all have a special quality that sets them apart in one way or another from the merely incompetent.”

Burnt Food Museum

Weird Museums for Collectors

Photo: Facebook.com/BurntFoodMuseum

Deborah Henson-Conan, a Grammy-nominated electric harp virtuoso is the curator and founder of the Burnt Food Museum. She’ll lead you through this quirky private museum of charred foods. Some of the exhibits you’ll learn about include Pizza Toast and the “Thrice Baked Potato”—culinary failures that last for a lifetime.

The Dog Collar Museum

Weird Museums for Collectors

Photo: Designmap.co.uk

Inside the Leed’s Castle is a tribute from Gertrude Hunt to her late husband—the Dog Collar Museum. Over a 100 collars are on display, each unique in style. Gathered over the course of 500 years, these dog collars belonged to canines used to hunt and also house pets—telling a story of the lifestyle changes inside this Great Britain castle.

What weird museums have you been to or do you want to see? Let us know!


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