Weekend Wanderer — San Francisco, Brooklyn, and Pittsburgh


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Bundle up before you step out this weekend. Photo: Winterwanderland.com

It’s Friday and we can’t wait to unchain ourselves from our desks and get out and about. Weekend Wanderer is a new series that you’ll find every Friday morning featuring a few activities we’d like to explore. Check them out for yourself or do something in your neck of the woods. Either way,  just get out and wander.

Portraits by PixelStud, San Francisco, California

A modern day Monet. Photo: Pixelstud.com

Local San Franciscoan artist, PixelStud is launching “Portraits”—a collection of mixed-media art. Check out the party Friday night at HANGR 16, the gallery/boutique responsible for outfitting most of the Mission neighborhood in must-have t-shirts. We’re in awe of PixelStud’s method—using a LEGO brick instead of a brush to achieve his pixelated aesthetic. He also upcycles jewelry, gum wrappers, and metro passes to create depth in his art. “Portraits” features humanitarian workers on a global scale. Check the collection at tonight’s opening at HANGR 16, 3128 16th St.

Tales of the Gowanus, Brooklyn, New York

The mini-museum of the Gowanus Canal. Photo: Proteusgowanus.org

Our new favorite haunt Proteus Gowanus is having a reading on Saturday. The gallery/library/artist residency is going back to it’s roots with a conversation about the origins of the Gowanus Canal. Leslie-Arlette Boyce, author of The Glory of Brooklyn’s Gowanus: Legacy, Industry, and Artistry will be discussing the local history. Other topics include the Native American population in the area with Chris Matias, founder and director of Redhawk Native American Arts Council. If you’re interested in knowing how the Gowanus Canal became the industrial neighborhood it is today, visit Proteus Gowanus at 543 Union Street. The reading begins at 7:00 p.m.

Traveling Upcycla Craft-O-Tron Machine, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The upcycling competition ends this weekend. Photo: Artist.to/pghcraftmachine

You have till the end of Sunday, January 22 to visit the Upcycla Craft-O-Tron outside of Pittsburgh’s Creative Reuse. Inside of Creative Reuse, you’ll find supplies such as vintage fabric, stickers, containers and more that you can use for your entry piece into their Upcycle This! contest. Upcycled items must fit inside the machine and will be voted via peers through their Facebook page. Prizes include gift a card to Square Cafe and Creative Reuse. To get in on the good times, upcycled fun, visit Creative Reuse at 214 N. Lexington Street in Pittsburgh.

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