Weekend Round-Up: New York City Delivers the Goods


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Today was a Good Day

We caught this scene near Brooklyn Craft Central and figured it as a sign that good things were to come. We were right!

We had an extremely busy weekend. There was so much good stuff going on here in New York that we were running around the whole city all weekend trying to take it all in. Though we were bummed we didn’t make it out to San Francisco for The Bold Italic and Workshop SF’s first Holiday Indie Mart, we had plenty to keep ourselves busy here on the East Coast.

Saturday morning found us at Brooklyn Craft Central where we set up shop, wrapped some gifts, and talked people’s ears off about Krrb.

krrb wrapping station

The Krrb gift wrapping station saw some heavy action though our gift wrapping skills may have left something to be desired.

Every now and then we stopped to take a breath and check out all the incredible items for sale. We were particularly taken with Dog Tag Designs’ array of lamps composed of various found items. Our colleague, new mom Jessica Blackman, scored one of the coolest we’ve ever seen a few weeks back at the Film Biz Recycling auction we helped produce. Made from an old toy firetruck it’s sure to keep her new son happy for years to come. Though the firetruck was off the market there were still a ton of great finds at Dog Tags’ booth including the Tank lamp and Dump truck.

Dog Tag Designs

A few of Dog Tag Designs amazing lamps.

We then jumped the G Train and booked across town to say hello to friend of Krrb, Zipcar founder and Buzzcar CEO, Robin Chase who was in town prepping for some big 2012 plans. We’re looking forward to that for sure. We then ran down the street to check out the Brooklyn Night Bazaar in Williamsburg. This place was packed to the gills with shoppers, eaters, drinkers, and music lovers of all kinds. We ended up picking up some great rings from The Future Future and laying the groundwork for a soon-to-be-made purchase from WXYZ.

We finally made it home at some point and managed to get enough sleep to wake up energized for the final day of the annual holiday sale at the Archive of Contemporary Music in Manhattan on Sunday. We picked up a few last minute finds by Mary Hopkin and then capped our weekend with a holiday get-together back in Brooklyn.

Mary Hopkin

We picked up three seven-inches by Mary Hopkin at the ARC.

We didn’t get all of our holiday shopping done but we think—maybe, just maybe—we may have found the final piece to the holiday puzzle with this Gone with the Wind, Scarlett and Rhett plate from Dollface Collectables!

Gone with the Wind

"Frankly my dear, I don't give a damn." But it sure looks like he does.

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