Weddings — Possible Parisian Locations for the Kanye West Kim Kardashian Nuptials


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Weddings — Possible Parisian Locations for the Kanye West Kim Kardashian Nuptials

We’re only a couple weeks away from Valentine’s day, but that’s not why romance is in the air. It’s because reality television star Kim Kardashian and hip hop artist Kanye West are getting married! This in itself isn’t news, but the front-page worthy couple been revealed where they’re getting married. In Paris. And it’s going to be televised, tres chic, no? The wedding will take place at an undisclosed location on the outskirts of Paris, though knowing Kim’s history we have a feeling it might leak in the very near future. Until that happens, we here at Krrb would like to offer up some predictions of places, songs and styles.

Centre Pompidou

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This fits in perfectly with Kanye’s love for modern art on a traditional Parisian backdrop. They can install themselves alongside some of the 21st century’s most important sculptures, paintings, and photos. The theme here is “if you have to ask, you’ll never get it”, the exact same thing I’ve been saying to myself since these two got together.

The Song: Bound 2 (Duh!).

The Dress: Made entirely from recycled plastic bottles, old drawings of turkeys made by kids tracing their hands and old silly string, couture by John Paul Gaultier.

The Style: Contemporary. Pick it up for yourself from Andrew Yes’s Krrb corner.


Moulin Rouge


Where—in it’s hey day—the famous (and scantily clad) stars of Pairs danced onstage while tortured artists filled the seats, screaming “Nobody understands me!”and guzzling absinthe. These two should fit right in.

The Song: Blame Game.

The Dress: A playful meditation on the old “Le Chat Noir” poster complete with black veil, top hat, whiskers and tail by John Galliano.

The Style: Romantic. Put a little romance in your room with this chandelier from Mpetro’s Krrb corner.


Notre Dame


Yeezus meets Jesus. The best place in the City of Light for Kim and Kanye to join together in the holiest of matrimony. All they’re missing is the hunchback, unless Rob Kardashian agrees to forgo ushering duties to ring the bells.

The Song: Jesus Walks, I am a God, Lord Lord Lord, New God Flow…you know what? Take your pick.

The Dress: A long-sleeve mermaid dress with a stained-glass tail and a Christmas light halo veil by Imitation of Christ.

The Style: Gothic. Get your goth on with this pick from Catsrule’s Krrb corner.


Point Neuf


A gorgeous outdoor wedding on one of the most romantic and photographed spots in the world. Kim and Kanye love being photographed, so this is perfect for them!

The Song: Streetlights.

The Dress: A classic Chanel suit that can go straight to the Champs Elysees for a post-wedding shopping spree and steak frites.

The Style: Modern organic. Feel inspired by the elements after taking a peek at Cotton Revival’s Krrb corner.



Chateau de Versailles - Galerie des Glaces
A fitting location for our modern-day royalty (at least by E! channel standards). Nothing says understated, tasteful and edited like the former home of Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. We wonder if one “hall of mirrors is enough” for the bride and groom, but are sure their wedding day is a great moment to start that cornerstone of any good relationship: compromise.

The Song: Good Life.

The Dress: A recreation gown by Christian Lacroix complete with (totally unnecessary) bustle and corset.

The Style: Regal. Let the royal in you be reflected in this handsome mirror from jnormanslack’s Krrb corner.


We hope you’ll find inspiration for your own celebrity-studded celebration somewhere in this post. If all else fails, put on Yeezus, turn the lights down low and let the sparse drum beats and echoed vocals work their own magic.


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