Vintage Political Memorabilia — Then and Now


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Vintage Political Memorabilia

President Harry Truman holding the erroneous Chicago Daily Tribune with headline DEWEY DEFEATS TRUMAN which overconfident Republican editors had rushed to print on election night. Photo by W. Eugene Smith//Time Life Pictures/Getty Images

On November 3, 1948, President Harry S. Truman famously head up the front page of the Chicago Daily Tribune with an incorrect headline announcing Thomas E. Dewey as the victor of the presidential election. The Republican editors at the Chicago Daily Tribune were convinced that Dewey had won and rushed to print. Original vintage copies of this historic mistake are currently valued at over $3,000. There is no doubt that political campaigns affect us wholeheartedly, but they also leave us with a trail of memorabilia in its wake. From Barack Obama’s iconic “Hope” poster designed by artist Shepard Fairey to vintage Nixon for President buttons, we collected these in an act of support and after—they become a part of history. With the 2016 presidential election a month away, I’m taking a look at political memorabilia. Share in the comments what you’ve collected over the years of voting (and those I voted! stickers count.)

Political Memorabilia on Krrb

As time goes on, the value of campaign memorabilia tends increases bit by bit. However, it’s all relative to the supply. Pins were easily accessible everywhere so the value is nominal. Take a look at some of the memorabilia found on Krrb today.

Vintage Political Memorabilia
“We Like Ike” original poster from the Dwight David Eisenhower campaign from the 1950’s. Available for $320 on Old New House’s corner.

Vintage Political Memorabilia

Before Ronald Reagan, there was Roy Acuff. This Tennesse-born country music star ran for governor in 1948 after accepting the Republican Party nomination. While he lost to Gordon Browning, Acuff reenergized the state’s conservative party. This framed vintage poster is available for $150 on Mayberry Antiques’ corner.

Vintage Political Memorabilia

2012 Republican candidate Mitt Romney in candy dispenser form. Enjoy from potty humor available for $20 on Bonnie’s corner.

2016 Campaign Memorbilia

Vintage Political Memorabilia


No matter which side of party lines you stand on, there is something for everyone (including your pets.) Some of biggest American fashion designers have pooled their efforts to help elect Hillary Clinton as the first woman president. From Jason Wu to Diane von Furstenberg, they have designed limited edition t-shirts and accessories so you too can represent your support in style. If making America great again is your motto, well, wear it with pride. You can pick up your own baseball hat at Donald Trump’s campaign shop. I honestly can say no one does political memorabilia like dishmaker Fishs Eddy. Their current collection includes a Bill Clinton First Man mug and a Trump “You’re Welcome” tray. And you don’t have to have opposable thumbs to show your support. Barkbox cleverly made toys for your cat or dog of the party presidential nominees that fight like cats and dogs.

Let us know what Team Hillary or Team Trump memorabilia you’ve acquired. And if you have some political history stashed in your attic, we want to hear about it.


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