Vegan Shop-Up Serves a Full Plate of Goods – Brooklyn, New York


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There will be so many vegan treats on Sunday that you won't know what to do! Photo:

There will be so many vegan treats on Sunday that you won't know what to do! Photo:

There’s no better place than the Vegan Shop-Up to spend your refund on Tax Day Sunday. The flourishing pop-up market is at it again this month with gluten-free chocolate coated cake truffles,  cran-mary (cranberry, rosemary, lemon zest) baked pretzels, chai nut Brownies, and more. If your mouth isn’t watering yet, check out the stylish eye candy from Hudson and Bleecker with their chic travel bags.

To get your appetite raring for Sunday’s smorgasbord, we chatted with Vegan Shop Up’s founder Sarah Peltier, a 10 year vegan, about her favorite bites to eat around town and more.

Hi Sarah! Can you share with us a favorite vegan dish?
Burritos! (That’s a dish, right?) Growing up in San Diego you get real good at loving them. I, of course, make the best ones. The bigger the better.

It is if guac is a major food group! Speaking of food, what are 5 foods you can’t live without in your neighborhood?
I live in Woodside, Queens. Options are limited as a vegan which makes it easy!
1. Masala dosa from Dosa Place in nearby Jackson Heights.
2. Pupusas from Pupusa Zone (Hey, Queens likes the simpler names!)
3. Chips and salsa verde from Tortilleria Nixtamal in Corona. This is a special treat. They know what’s right.
4. Avocados. Always the best, cheapest staple for every meal.
5. Los Hermanos blue corn tortillas. Also a staple, also cheap, also the best.

I’m getting hungry just thinking about your list! Where do you go in your neighborhood to get juiced?
Like actual juice? I make my own! But if I’m buying it’s usually in Manhattan at Equinox or Terri.

You must save dough making your own! What vegan skincare/home products do you splurge on?
Phyts and their Naturoderm line, and Aveda.

When you’re not working on the Vegan Shop Up, where are you most likely to be found in your neighborhood?
Working! But rarely in my hood. I have a full time office job in Columbus Circle, bake for my own business Woodside Bakehouse, or cooking Summers at Rockaway Taco.

Thanks Sarah!

Get a Taste of What’s in Store

For a taste of what you’ll get on Sunday, check out their corners on Krrb:

Chai Mookie | Black and Blanco | Sweet. By Jana | Brooklyn Hummus | Cinnamon Snail | Electric Blue Baking | Gone Pie | Meow Meow Tweet | Heat Sweets | Hudson and Bleecker | Pelzer’s Pretzels | Super Foxy Sweets | Rescue Chocolate | Raganella | Saucy By Nature | The Tafari | Roots in Rust | We See Stars | NY Naturals | Woodside Bakehouse

Other shops and bars include: CakeBites, Grassroots Granola, Uttapam & Co., Pure Luck Tea Bar, Fresh Til Death, and Regal Vegan.

For vegan love, check out Be sure to stop in and say hi to Sarah this Sunday at the Vegan Spring Shop-Up!


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