Profess Your Love — Letterpress Cards for Your Best Friend


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Valentine’s Day isn’t only a time to show your love to a significant other, it’s also a great opportunity to express how much those special friendships mean to you! With all the inside jokes and special bonds you’ve formed with your pals over the years, we know that you want to give them a special card that doesn’t feel mass produced. That’s why we rounded up our favorite local letterpresses across the country for you to shop from this valentine’s season!

The Great Lakes Goods in Brooklyn, NY


The Great Lakes Goods has some of the most adorable tchotchkes and cards I’ve seen! From down right adorable to funny and with-the-times, you’ll find the perfect card to send to your friend.

Pike Street Press in Seattle, WA


Looking for something clever without being too over the top funny? Pike Street Press is the perfect place for you to snag your stationary from this year.

Underwood Letterpress in Los Angeles, CA

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.42.15 AM

More of the “blank inside” type? Me too. These cards from Underwood Letterpress are simple and leave tons of room for you to write how you truly feel inside! Loving the plant and cocktail ones specifically!

Smudge Ink in Boston, MA

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.44.16 AM

If you love pop culture and social media then Smudge Ink will definitely have what you’re looking for. These friendly cards will surely put a smile on anybody’s face who is on the receiving end!

Lilikoi Design in San Francisco, CA


Simplicity at it’s finest is showcased at Lilikoi Design! With good color and font choices, a card doesn’t need to be over the top to get the message across. Bisous!

Lilco Letterpress in Dallas, TX


Whether you want to go for a traditional pattern or a brightly colored card that screams “fun times”, Lilco Letterpress will help you with all of your card sending needs.

Black Heart Letterpress in Philadelphia, PA


Love is for suckers. Need I say more? There are plenty of cards with sweet sentiments available, but be sure to check out Black Heart Letterpress to see all of the raunchy options too!

Steel Petal Press in Chicago, IL


If compliments and positive reinforcements are the way to your friends heart, then Steel Petal Press if a great place for you to do your card shopping.

Grey Moggie in Washington, DC

Screen Shot 2016-02-03 at 10.55.30 AM

The cards from Grey Moggie are so girly and fun! They transport me back to middle school and desperately make me want to break out the bubble letters and dot my “I’s” with hearts!


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