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It’s Friday and if you’re on Twitter, you know that means it’s time to give it up to our lovable Twiteratti with a little #FollowFriday. But being that there are so many super people out there working their 140 magic, we’re doing a whole long list on who to follow that you might not already have on your radar.

Read below for who gets our reads, clicks and Retweets, and let us know in the comments who we’re missing. And of course, if you aren’t following us already, follow us at @krrbsale!

Happy Follow Friday!




@selloholicmom because she is a hilarious and self-described “hot mess”
with an active blog and stock of vintage goods.

@SelfishMom because she’s sarcastic, funny, honest, and not afraid to tweet from the waxing chair.


Melody Fury @GourmetFury because she’s a rogue foodie with a brash mouth.

Mark Bitman @bittman because he’s the voice of reason when it comes to food, cooking, and public policy.

@foodzie because they have their finger on the pulse of small food producers.

Immaculate Infatuation @immaculateinfat because they bring a passionate combo platter of music and food.

@gomeatyourself is the feisty food related rants of yours truly. Not for the faint hearted, you’ve been warned.




@ShareableDesign because they discuss and present issues relating to collaborative consumption, co-working and being convivial. Nerdy at it’s nicest.

@SwissMiss because she is truly the the tastemaker of all the tastemakers.

@sfgirlbybay because her style is immaculate and fresh.

@opticalcortex because they are the brilliance behind!

Thrifters and Sellers

Judy Vintage home @ttotshop because she is a prolific poster of vintage treasures.

@RedLipstickShop because they’ve got a beautiful boutique and sell gorgeous stuff.

@jessjamesjake because they tweet awesome vintage finds out the wazoo.

@FlyonaDime because she regularly shares thrifted finds that tend to make our staff jealous.

@SecondHandStyle because style oozes from her pours… er, keys.

@ThriftCore because she’ll inspire you to work harder. She’s hard core.




Suchin Pak @suchinpak because leading the Hester St Fair is only one reason why she is so busy and popular; you can almost watch her fly by in 140 characters.

Libby and Katherine @vintagebazaar because their pop-up market in Chicago is slowly becoming the darling of the city.

@artistsandfleas because they tweet about things that anyone in the flea market world would be into.

Those that can’t be categorized

@NabeWise because they share quirky and random facts about the hoods they’ve got on the site which allows people to understand what different neighborhoods are truly like.

@JessiArrington because if you want to experience the rainbow in 140 characters, you’ll follow Jessi.

@FilmBizRecyclin because they’ve got the most incredible deals sinse their mission is to recycle props from movie and tv productions.

@thenonconsumer because she has the best tag-line of all: Use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without.

@thisisauthentic because she is our fearless Executive Editor and has all kinds of fun things to say about being a mom, an artist, a New Yorker and a Krrbler.

Fill in the gaps!

Who are we missing? Tweet at us to let us know who should be in our twitter arsenal!

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  • I Love you guys! xoxooox Thank you so much for the inclusion. Keep up the awesome work at Krrb :O)

  • Wow thanks!! I’m honored to be included in this list of illustriousness. Gotta stay on my toes! Thanks @krrbsale xoxox