Touring the Inside of Toronto Homes with Covet Garden


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The foundation of the digital magazine, Covet Garden, is for it to always be inspirational rather than aspirational. Unlike other interior design magazines, Covet Garden is focused on showing real spaces styled by real people in Toronto. Their mission alone made us big fans, but the actual content they produce has turned us into committed readers.

“A lot of the places we shoot were found by word of mouth. When we started out looking for houses to tour, we chose a few friend’s houses that we knew were fantastic. As soon as we published our second issue, friends, colleagues and readers started telling us about places we just had to see. In the four years since we’ve launched, we’ve never run out of great spaces to shoot,” says co-founder of the magazine Rhonda Riche.

When Lynda Felton, Jessica Reid and Rhonda Riche got together they didn’t know how big of a success their collaboration was going to be. Although they are very pleased with their monthly digital magazine, they were ready to take the leap and publish a print copy. When asked the reason behind the jump into print, Riche said, “All three of us come from a print background, and we love the physical experience of reading a book — the texture of the pages and even the smell of the ink and the paper turns us on! We know we’re not alone because readers kept asking if we were going to do a print edition.”


“For the book, we wanted to create something a little different than the online version because people respond to print differently than digital. At the same time, we wanted to preserve the independent spirit of Covet Garden online so we turned to Indiegogo to help raise some of the money to help us publish a book rather than a magazine.”

With 51 digital issues and one print edition under their belts, they’re still looking to grow and further develop the Covet Garden footprint. With more personal touches being added to the magazine, the audience will get the lovely privilege of learning more about the tastes of the women that are bringing the magazine to us.

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“We see so many cool things that we’re always tempted to change our homes every month. We do see certain patterns and trends emerging, though. For example, we love that bright color is coming back in a big way—especially in cleverly upcycled furniture. A great example is Iza’s condo in our September 2014 issue. Her DIY dresser has a great, graphic contrast of yellow and white,” says Riche.

We were curious to know if there was a common stylistic theme that Felton, Reid and Riche noticed lately in the homes of Toronto. “Natural themes are another common element. Maybe it’s because we’re based in the Great White North, but even the most minimalist spaces seem to have a painting, sculpture, print, or pillow with a bird or animal on it,” says Riche. “That and pineapples. Pineapples are the new stag head!”

If you haven’t taken a look at Covet Garden, go do so now! You won’t be sorry! And a little bird told us that there will be a second book in the works in the future. We’re excited, are you?!


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