To Do – Vegan Fall Shop–Up in Bushwick on Sunday, October 23


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After taking a mini vacation in August, the Vegan Shop-Up is back! What, you might ask, is a the Vegan Shop-up? Well, according to Sarah Peltier, organizer, founder and vendor, “the Vegan Shop-Up is a bi-monthly all-vegan pop-up market featuring all local vendors, in a not-so-boring place.” It looks like this trend of pop up shops is here to stay and we’re not complaining! So this Sunday, October 23rd from 12-5 join us in celebrating the onset of fall with some amazing vegan treats at the Pine Box Rock Shop in Brooklyn.

Now that we know what the Vegan Shop-Up is, what can we expect? Peltier explains that “You’ll see new vendors and old with Handmade soaps, Brooklyn-made hummus, artisan tempeh, gluten-free truffles, kale chips, botanical tinctures, letterpress stationery, soy wax candles, costmetics , kombucha, granola bars, coffee, farm fresh veggies, and loads more.” And oh yeah, it will also be happy hour at the Pine Box. Sign us up!

Participating vendors bringing the delightful and delectable include:

Raganella | Super Foxy Sweets | Brooklyn Hummus | Meow Meow Tweet |
Barry’s Tempeh | Mombucha | Gone Pie | Electric Blue Baking Company |
Woodside Bakehouse | New York Naturals | Pepper Press | AND Coffee | Pretty Monsters | Black and Blanco | Skytown | Eagle Street Rooftop Farm

Get more info at Vegan Shop-Up, and get ready to indulge this Sunday!

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