To Do List – The Austin Art Yards


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Austin Art Yards

Two trees, one embellished with bottle tops, the other constructed from golf clubs, both by yardist Scott Stevens, will be on view this weekend in Austin, TX.

Hanging around Austin, Texas this weekend with nothing to do? Download a map, put on your walking shoes and enjoy the second annual Austin Art Yards Tour. Where dozens (that’s right, dozens) of artists have transformed their yards into sculptural paradises and are inviting the public in for a weekend-long look see.

From the mountainous Cathedral of Junk (banned last year due to code violations, but back in line for this go round) to Bobby’s Bone Tree Sculpture Garden (that tells the story of the artist’s grandmother’s escape from the pogroms of Russia) you are in for a mind blowing walk that will give you a first hand look at one of the world’s weirdest cities.

Thanks for the tip from the Bounty Huntress.

  • Freck2011

    Beautiful day for looking at yard art! The folks at these homes were fantastic personalities willing to share their time and good energy- Thanks Robert and Jim!

  • great video clip… thanks for passing in on!

  • Krizloc
  • BountyHuntress