Tips from a DIY Queen: Kim Vargo of Yellow Brick Home


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Photos by Yellow Brick Home

Photos by Yellow Brick Home

Kim and her husband, Scott Vargo, tackle DIYs almost weekly. They’re a wife and husband duo that brings wall-changing art and innovative ideas from their blog Yellow Brick Home to your home. Krrb has been a big fan of their blog (and life) for a while now. We know that they bought their first home together in Chicago in 2007, DIY-ed their way through each and every room, and finally settled into their current fixer-upper in 2013. When they were able to step away from all of the hard work they’d put into the first space for the opportunity to customize and perfect a new one, we were intrigued. Despite the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, Kim was nice enough to sit down with us and share some amazing tips for nursing an old room back to life.

TIP #1: Work with your surroundings

Hi, Kim! We love Yellow Brick Home, but first thing’s first: We can’t believe that your favorite DIY project, the incredible Media Wall, lives in your former home! Why didn’t you try to incorporate it into your new space?

We put a lot into The Media Wall, making sure that it functioned perfectly for how we lived [there]. It fit the space so perfectly that when we moved to our current home, the media unit stayed. We still own that condo (which we now rent to tenants), and it’s always a huge ‘selling’ point when potential tenants come over for a viewing!

TIP #2: Recycle

We’ll always remember your inspirational Evolution of Grandma’s Chair here at Krrb. How can Krrbies who want to update the style of a room navigate around an old piece like your grandmother’s chair?

First of all, ask yourself why you feel the need to keep pieces that don’t personify you! We went through a huge purge this summer, and we found ourselves letting go of items that may have had meaning at one point but no longer serve us. However, if it’s an item that can’t be replaced due to money (I get it!), think about other ways you can make it work. After inheriting Grandma’s chair, we left it alone until our desks and shelves had been made and tables had been painted.





TIP #3: Make Strong Statements

Name three items that strongly influence a room.

An area rug:


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Storage (Like ottomans and bookcases that can keep your stuff in check):


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TIP #4: Rescue

We know you love secondhand pieces! What are a couple of your top furniture rescues?

Yes! Secondhand will most often times save you money, of course, but it also gives you a chance to save a piece that helps to tell your story. It’s personal. Two of our favorite rescues are our Blue Velvet Couch, because it makes the biggest punch in our living room…




…and our Dresser-Turned-Kitchen Island, because it’s my favorite place to talk about the day with Scott.


TIP #5: Display Photographs

You’re an amazing photographer and display a lot of personal photographs that still look professional. What are your secrets?

Thank you! One of the biggest pieces of advice I offer when it comes to shooting anything is to crop within the viewfinder before you take the photo. I know digital photography makes it easy to take a ton of shots until you get “the one,” but I try hard to be mindful of what I’m shooting so I have less to sift through later.

For example, pay attention to how high or low you’re shooting the subject (whether it’s scenery, an interior or a group of friends) …


… how much sky or ground you see …


… and how close or far away you are from the subject.


These are some simple shifts that anyone can do! And when you start paying attention to what you’re seeing through the lens, you’ll start to craft more beautiful Photos for Your Home.

Thanks, Kim!

  • I’m glad these tips could help! Best of luck on your upcoming move. How exciting!

  • Jars

    These are timely tips for my major move that is right around the corner. I love the idea of recycling the things that hold significant memory love, but no longer work with the decor. I also like the idea of “crop within the viewfinder” to cut down on all those photos – trying to find the perfect one for display can take such a long time… Thanks for sharing!