There’s a Winner – Skimkim Kimchee Contest


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Made with scrumptious Skimkim Kimchee Butter.

Thanks to everyone who entered the Skimkim’s Kimchee Butter contest! One lucky winner has been selected and will be contacted via their supplied email.

A delicious message from the Skimkim crew:

Congrats to the winner! You’ve won a jar of Korean American ambrosia, or Kimchee Butter. It’s like garlic butter but all roiled up with ginger, chives, and Korean red pepper. Use it wherever you use regular butter in savory cooking. There are a TON of uses, the most popular is by far, making eggs. We like to make mashed potatoes, grilled cheese, and sautéed vegetables, too. Or melt a little to pour over your popcorn next time you’re taking a Netflix night! Or try some more suggestions. If you come up with any other inventive ways to kill a jar with a quickness, let us know on Krrb or by email! When you run out, you can restock at We do local deliveries every Friday!

Hey winner, can we have some?


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