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Apartment Therapy Classifieds

We are super excited to announce the relaunch of the Apartment Therapy Classifieds powered by Krrb. After its launch in 2012, the classifieds became the go-to source for buying and selling furniture and home decor. Over the last year, we received a lot of excellent feedback from the community which helped us plan our roadmap.

As we made incremental improvements, we were secretly hard at work on a complete rebuild of Krrb from the ground up. A couple months ago the all-new Krrb saw the light of day with the successful launch of the Chicago Magazine Classifieds and this week we’ve brought all the goodness over to Apartment Therapy.

Here’s a list of all the improvements:

New Design and Streamlined Interface – By dropping the left column, we were able to make the images (and text) bigger and prettier! :) With less “stuff” on the page, the overall experience is more focused.

Lightening Fast — Everything from searching, filtering, listing and plain old browsing is 3x faster than before. And in the new year, we will introduce a new technology called ElasticSearch which will make searches even faster (and smarter to boot).

New Search – Now you can search directly from the homepage without having to set your location. With a double search for keywords and location, you can search “everywhere” or a specific location with easy access to your locations and popular locations.

Improved Categorization – As a seller you can now add up to 20 keywords to categorize your listings. We’ve also introduced a smarter “suggested keywords” interface that helps you find the best way to categorize your listing. And once we introduce ElasticSearch, my oh my it’ll be an A+ student!

Email Alerts – You can follow one or many locations and get a weekly digest of listings nearest to you. This is one of the most popular features on and now it is available on Apartment Therapy.

Shipping – Sure, Krrb is primarily for local and in-person commerce, but sometimes you want to buy local from another city … now you can! Just navigate to your favorite city (or choose Everywhere) and click on the “items that ship” filter. Buy local everywhere!

My Picks – Just like a shopping cart, you can now save your favorite listings by clicking on the “star” icon. You can then visit “My Picks” to see your picks or even filter listings by your picks. It’s a great way to make a shortlist as you search for the perfect item.

Certified Filter – Want to just shop for listings posted by our trusted and verified members? Now you can filter by Certified members and see only listings from these lovely folks.

Reply Directly From Email – You no longer have to sign into the classifieds to reply to your messages. Now you can just hit “reply” in any email client (Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, Desktop, etc.) and voilà! Life is grand …

And as always, you can sign into Apartment Therapy Classifieds with your account (or vice versa).

Folks! That’s just the beginning. Part of the reason we’ve rebuilt from the ground up is so that we can launch new features faster and more often. So please keep the feedback coming so that together we can build the most fabulous hyperlocal classifieds.

P.S. will be migrated over to this new platform in the new year. Little Krrbie is growing up!


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