The Hot Corner — Bounty Huntress, Austin, Texas


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Vintage 1970s Hamburgular doll from McDonalds.

As part of a new series called The Hot Corner (we can’t wait for baseball season!), we’ll be featuring Krrb corners that catch our eye with their well-curated inventory. Whether it’s upcycled, re-purposed, vintage or handmade, be sure to see for yourself why we think these Krrbsters have it going on.

The Bounty Huntress might just be a personal hero of mine. Based out of Austin, Angela’s hunger for thrifting is hearty and thorough. She relishes in the story behind the find as much (if not more) than the actual find. It’s why we get so much joy visiting Bounty Huntress’s Krrb Corner.

You'll get a lot of use from this vintage tray.

Angela admits that her eyes are often larger than her stomach when it comes to buying secondhand and vintage. Lucky for us, her Krrb corner is full of fun and unique items that didn’t quite fit in her home. Her finds run random at times, but we admire her tenacity to secure complete sets of dishes, mugs and even medals. The Bounty Huntress also tracks her thrifting adventures on her blog of the same name.

"These mugs span Morton's Salt advertising from 1914 through 1968.

These mugs span Morton's Salt advertising from 1914 through 1968.

If you’re ever in the Lone Star state, check out some of her favorite thrifting haunts such as the Goodwill Blue Hanger Outlet and Fredericksburg Trade Days. And of course, keep an eye on Bounty Huntress’s Hot Corner to pick up any of her treasures.

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