The Highs and the Lows of Online Shopping


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Who wants to navigate countless big-box and retail sites, sift through hundreds of products that look the same and then pay extortionate prices for stuff you can easily source through Krrb Classifieds? It’s just not practical. I’ve sifted through all of the amazing finds on Krrb and brought you similar versions of expensive products that won’t break the bank.

You can find literally anything, from solid furniture and fun rugs to one-of-a-kind home décor, all for a fraction of what you’d pay retail. Happy hunting…


Ah, the bergère chair. By definition, it’s French in style and provenance, it’s upholstered, and it always has a closed back. You’ll see at least one version of this in virtually every furniture store worth its salt. But…they tend to be pricey. Case in point: This circa 1760-70 example from the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s collection. Though the chair on the left has been painstakingly hand-carved, gilded and then upholstered in (now faded) red strié faille, or ribbed silk fabric, it’s definitely not something you’d want guests even breathing on. The Savoy Flea’s charming rendition is much more your speed, don’t you think?


Artwork is personal, but when you need to accent hues found in your design scheme, you might want to shop by color only. Abstract paintings are particularly sought after these days, perhaps because they’re so timeless and really speak to everyone’s tastes. Here, two gorgeous paintings—one 24″ x 30″ oil by Prchal Art Studio and the other, an albeit smaller God & May original on the right, as painted by Seminary Road.


The brass frame of Bevin602’s burl-wood cocktail table makes it on-trend, while two tiers provide ample storage. It’s arguably even more versatile than the chrome-framed Milo Baughman original offered by FloridaModern3305—and looks to be in superb condition.


Honestly, who has the cash to spend $5K+ on an Ege Rya area rug? Sure, Ege has arguably been Denmark’s largest and most prestigious (and inventive?) carpet manufacturer since the late-1930s, but this piece is no doubt more suitable for a serious collector. Here, Karlov Home & Design offers a similar 1960’s-70’s modern shag rug, with a similar look and size (55” x 71”), for a fraction of the cost.


Sunburst mirrors are everywhere! Thought to have emerged in 16th-century France, they’re recognized more now for their popularity in both the mid-century and glitzy Hollywood Regency eras. You’ll pay way more for the gold-tone Global Views sunburst mirror, and way less for the celestial star, offered by Sanné, on the right.


Swapping out old light fixtures is one of my favorite things to do to make an otherwise humdrum space sing. Small apartments and tight spaces (hallways, entries) can always benefit from a touch of glamour even if there isn’t room for a huge chandelier. A smaller, ceiling-hugging flushmount fixture fits nearly anywhere, and is an unexpected, luxe touch. On the left, a pricey Swarovski-crystal example by Schonbek. On the right? An attainable Crystorama version of the former, as offered by jerzbanks.

Have more ideas for high/low pairings you’ve seen on Krrb? Let us know!


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