The Garage Sale Trail in Australia


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The Garage Sale Trail in Australia.

The Garage Sale Trail in Australia.

Have you heard about the awesomeness happening this weekend? No, not talking about our swap, though that’s gonna be awesome, too. We’re talking about the Garage Sale Trail in Australia. Imagine thousands of homes across the country all having a garage sale on the same sunny day. Well, that’s exactly what’s happening this Sunday April 10th down under

The Garage Sale Trail started as a pilot project in Bondi, Sydney, Australia in May 2010. During this one day there were 126 garage sales across the suburb, each selling an average of $750 worth of goodies. The ATMs in the area ran out of money, thousands of people walked the trail and they estimate that around 15 shipping containers of goods were bought and sold. That’s 15 shipping containers worth, which would otherwise have stayed in cupboards or, no doubt, eventually gone to landfill.

By getting people together to turn their old stuff into someone else’s new stuff, the day not only proves that second hand items can still have value, it keeps rubbish off the street, removes clutter from cupboards, stops a bunch of new things being brought into the world (along with the environmental impact that creates) and gives everyone good reason to meet the neighbours and have a good natter at the same time. – The fine folks at the Garage Sale Trail

Since then, they’ve attracted tons of support from local government agencies, and have been given green-focused awards for their efforts in galvanizing the community for the sake of a cleaner and thriftier Australia. Perhaps most importantly, they’ve received praise from the community for creating a fun day where neighbors can be neighborly!

Who’s garage would you like to sift through?

Check out what these professional skaters have to say about the Garage Sale Trail, the usefullness of garage sales and who’s garage they’d like to sift through.


Check out more Garage Sale Trial videos on their Youtube channel. And if you are in Australia, you still have time to get involved by listing your sale. Learn more at the Garage Sale Trail website.

We are starting to compile a list of similar projects here in the US. If anybody knows of any good ones, please share! We want to hear about it all!

Image courtesy of The Garage Sale Trail website.