The Folding Chair — Chicago Vs. Los Angeles


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A summer furniture staple is the folding chair — and every region has its own take. We’re looking at folding chairs in the Midwest and on the West Coast. Fold them up, stash them under your arm or throw them in the trunk. Folding chairs are made for summer concerts and barbecues. Quite possibly the most convenient of lawn furniture, we want to sit in them all summer long by the pool or on the porch. Our two opponents share convenience as a trait, but that’s about it. They vary in material, location and price. Check out both and tell us which one you would choose.

1950s Metal Folding Chair in Los Angeles, California



This 1950s Russel Wright metal folding chair is industrial and functional. We like the green color and classic shape.

Find it on Veronique’s Corner. $200.

Purple Yarn Chairs in Chicago, Illinois



The purple triangle yarn design is over-the-top which we’re into. These bright chairs would be a fun and comfy way to stay off the ground at a music festival.

Find them on Vintage Attack Find’s Corner. $45.

Our Vote

Although the metal folding chair is classic, funky, and legitimately vintage, we’re loving the softness of the purple yarn chairs. The bright color is hard to pass up and the price tag — under 50 bucks — is impossible to beat.

Your Vote

Weigh in on which one you would tote to summer events. The yarn chairs in Chicago, or the industrial metal ones in Los Angeles?

  • Sean Carter

    very cool chairs, but ill always prefer a nice durable resin folding chairs!

  • Louay Khraish

    I agree with Vanessa. I’ll go with the 1950s Russel Wright. Love the color, too.