The Beginners Guide to Krrb — Essential Design Terms


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We know all of the different design terminology can get confusing when you’re shopping on Krrb, so that’s why we’ve decided to break down some of the most general design terms to help you navigate Design 101. From the difference between antiques and vintage to different eras of design, get started here!


The only time that an item should technically be labeled as an antique, according to custom laws, is if it is at least 100 years old. While one may be quick to categorize something as being antique based off it’s appearance, it is necessary to know the exact date of its production to make it a legitimate antique. See all antique pieces available on Krrb .


Although the term originated in reference to wine and the age of the grapes used, it is now commonly used amongst fashion and furniture. In order for an item to be considered vintage, it should be at least 20 years old. When calling something “vintage” the item should be clearly related to a certain time period and should also state the year in which it was produced. See all vintage pieces available on Krrb.


In order for an item to be categorized as mid-century it must have been produced roughly between 1933 and 1965. This modern design movement is responsible for many of the iconic pieces we know today from designers such as Eames. See all Mid-Century pieces available on Krrb.

Hollywood Regency

This design style is most often characterized by the use of metallic and glass accents in an opulent manner. You will often see dining tables, coffee tables, side tables and consoles in this style. See all Hollywood Regency pieces available on Krrb.

Boho Chic

The bohemian style mixes many different prints, materials and textures in order to create a whimsical, earthy and feminine combination. You will find many different textiles and mismatched styles in this genre. See all boho chic pieces available on Krrb.

Shabby Chic

This specific type of furniture design is when the items appearances gives off signs of age. New items are often times purposely distressed in order to give off the look of an antique. The style is commonly associated with light colored paints and feminine accents. See all shabby chic pieces available on Krrb.

Scandinavian Design

This term represents the design movement in the 1950’s that stemmed from Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Finland. It is characterized by minimalism, simplicity and functionality with the use of wood. See all Danish modern pieces available on Krrb.


This type of furniture is generally handcrafted with natural resources. These items don’t have polished finishes, but rather represent the beauty of the piece in its natural state. See all rustic pieces available on Krrb.

Art Nouveau

This style is an intricate design prominent in Western Europe and the US that lasted from late 1800’s until World War I. It’s characterized by its linear design and flowing curves. See all Art Nouveau pieces available on Krrb.


The items in the industrial category have a very specific aesthetic. You will find a lot of pieces made from metal, both new and old (with rust included). From concrete bases to exposed nail heads, the more imperfect it looks—the better. See all industrial pieces available on Krrb.


This broad term is in reference to any furniture produced from the late 19th century all the way to current day that has been influenced by modernism. Decorative aspects of the items were cut in order to focus on the pieces overall functionality. See all modern pieces available on Krrb.


If you refer to something as “retro” the item should be a style of the past that is nostalgic. While not all of these items are technically old enough to be truly considered vintage, but aren’t new enough to just be considered “last season.” See all retro pieces available on Krrb.

Craftsman Style

This style is for certain always made with natural woods. These items are solid, functional pieces that consist of very straight and clean lines. Along with being highly structured, they are also very heavy and durable. See all Craftsman style pieces available on Krrb.


This style of Chinoiserie is the imitation of Chinese motifs and the techniques used in Western furniture and art especially during the 18th century. You will often see pottery and hutches in this style. See all Chinoiserie pieces available on Krrb.


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