The Champagne Life on a DIY Budget


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Krrb — The Champagne Life on a DIY Budget

Back in 1999, as a New Hampshire journalism student nearing the end of her degree, staring down the prospect of balancing expensive urban living in Boston or NYC with a paltry cub reporter’s salary, I dreamt of a magazine that would help me navigate finding that elusive Champagne life on a beer budget. When no publication existed, I knew it was my calling to start Shoestring—only instead of beer, I wanted to embrace the DIY mentality of Yankee ingenuity and resourcefulness instilled in me by my Greatest Generation relatives from a very young age.

I wanted Shoestring to celebrate experiences over things, to glean from the experts who could teach me and my readers how to go back to the basic building blocks of life and domesticity: scratch-made cooking; mending, hacking, fixing, building, and growing things; looking at a lack of skills as a challenge instead of an obstacle. And I wanted to celebrate the art of secondhand, of acquiring gently-used modern, vintage, and antique items to create a unique personal style that would impress even the most discerning design snob, elevating the scavenger lifestyle from one of necessity to one of reuse and sustainability by choice. That philosophy of peer-to-peer exchange, sharing and collaborating over mainstream consumerism led me to launch a sister business, The Swapaholics, with my dear friend and vintage/handmade maven Amy Chase back in 2009, through which we met tens of thousands of like-minded sustainable style lovers across the country and partnered up with hundreds of fab simpatico brands like Krrb.

Krrb — The Champagne Life on a DIY Budget

Because of our shared history — I’ve been a member of the Krrb community pretty much since the beginning, rejoicing at such a stylish alternative to Craigslist — I was stoked when the Krrb team asked me to curate My Picks and My Corner full of my own gently-loved items to share with other members. It’s a glimpse into my own personal style and my own home, decorated entirely in thrifted, vintage, antique, upcycled, Made in USA and handmade items, sourced locally in Boston, Austin and all my other favorite places from independent creatives, makers, and artists.

Hope you’ll take a look, connect with me, add your favorites to your own My Picks section, and maybe even share some links to your own favorites from around the Krrb marketplace in the comments below. Because my one-in, one-out policy means that as soon as my own items sell, I’ll be in the market for some new and stylish additions!


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