The Best Makers and Goods in Washington DC


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Big cities mean tons of options, which unfortunately can also mean too many options when you’re pressed to find the best. So to share the best local makers in DC, we’ve assembled the A-team of insiders: some of our favorite Krrb members and resident influencers with knowledge on where to go and what to pick up. Let’s meet the team!


Lauren Anderson and Rachel Bridgwood of Sweet Root Villagehave a knack for everything aesthetically pleasing! Their company specializes in event floral design, editorial photography and portraits. Follow along with their incredible work on their Instagram. (SRV)

Monica Dutia of Cake and Lillies is originally from Dallas, but is currently calling DC home. Her blog is a source for all things she finds inspiration in, especially good food and good design. Also be sure to follow along with her finds on her Instagram! (MD)


1. I always tend to find out about new local makers via social media, Instagram specifically, are there any feeds you follow that showcase local makers? Let us know so we can follow along!
SRV: We love the local leather goods maker Carolyn Misterek of @MatineShop! Her leather bags are so beautiful and her Instagram feed is just as gorgeous! We also love following these local makers: @ChristineOlmstead @ConflictedPixie @FoxwoodCo and @SydneyHaleCo.

2. Living in a major city can leave you ambushed with shopping options- are there any mom and pop stores you’ve become loyal to rather than sticking to “the big guys”? (think: You’ve Got Mail)
SRV: Yes! We love Salt And Sundry in DC and Red Barn Mercantile in Alexandria! They always have great finds!
MD: DC has a great selection of small businesses and boutiques! Tuckernuck is one of my go-tos for clothing, accessories, and home décor (they’re based in DC and are currently only e-commerce, but are opening a store in Georgetown this spring!). I’ve also gotten on a cold press juice kick over the past few months and two favorites are JRINK and Greenheart–they’re unbelievably delicious, it’s hard to imagine the juices are good for you! If you’re looking for custom stationery, check out Winifred Paper. The Cheeky Puppy has the cutest things to spoil your pet and accent your home in a modern way. For classic, nature-inspired jewelry, head to Sissy Yates Designs.


3. One thing that I am always trying to find is locally made beauty products (lotions, soaps, perfumes etc). Any suggestions of where to snag some locally in your city?
SRV: Be Clean Shop has wonderful locally made vegan skincare products and an adorable shop to boot!

4. Where do you go to discover local makers?
SRV: Many of our friends are makers that we love supporting as they grow their business. We also love finding new local makers through Instagram and pop up shops!
MD: To be honest, I discover a lot of them through Twitter or Instagram! Of course, word of mouth is still huge, but I’m a sucker for good branding and a captivating voice, so company that does that well on social media generally has my attention. Visiting places like Union Market and Eastern Market is also a great way to discover new businesses.


5. If you want to give someone a gift that truly says “DC” what do you get them?
SRV: Oh there are so many good options! Maybe a local DC themed gift box from Marigold Grey or a bottle of Green Hat Gin is always a good one!
MD: I think a local food item is the best gift to represent a city! I frequently give macarons, and Olivia Macaron is my go-to in the city. If you have the chance, definitely pick some up! On the non-food side, I recently came across Sydney Hale candles and have fallen in love–they’re made in Virginia and are carried in a few stores in the city as well as around the country. For something simple but unique, try the coordinates bracelets from @KnoxThomasDesigns and choose DC’s coordinates or those of their first apartment in the city. This especially makes a great for friends who may be moving away from the District–which is not uncommon given how transient this city is!


6. Every city tends to have a different style in terms of design- what local designer would you say embodies the overall style of your city?
SRV: We just love @JoannaGcarden of Carden Interiors. She has such a clean fresh style with some great local flare. Love everything she does!
MD: One of the things I love and find most unique about DC is that you can find pretty much any style in this city. It’s certainly not as plain and standard as movies and TV make it out to be! A designer that I’ve been following for a few years now is Lindsay Speace, who actually just recently relocated to Raleigh. Her style is an incredible blend of classic + whimsical, and I think it’s perfect. I also recently started following Joanna Carden, and love her simple designs. If she and Lindsay could collaborate and redo my space I’d be a one happy girl!

Thanks everyone! For more best of DC, check out where the locals go and my picks for the best deals to pick up this spring.


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