The Best Local Makers and Goods in Los Angeles


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The Best Local Makers and Goods in Los Angeles


Big cities mean tons of options, which unfortunately can also mean too many options when you’re pressed to find the best. So to share the best local makers in Los Angeles, we’ve assembled the A-team of insiders: some of our favorite Krrb members and resident influencers with knowledge on where to go and what to pick up. Let’s meet the team!

Anne Sage

LA resident and blogger Anne Sage of City Sage is also the author of Sage Living, her recently released home design book. Follow along on Instagram and through her blog as Anne discovers local hotspots and masters minimalistic living in La La Land. (AS)

Tim Dahl

Timothy Dahl is one third of the Dahl family that resides in Culver City and all maker. He started Charles and Hudson, an online design magazine and Built By Kids, a resource for family do-it-yourself projects and Tool Crave for those fascinated with tools. Share in the adventures of Tim, his wife Laura and their 4-year-old son Hunter on Instagram. (TD)

Carly Cylinder

Also known as the Flower Chef, Carly Cylinder is the owner and creative director of Flour LA, Inc., a Los Angeles- and New York-based flower design studio. You can catch her artful creations on Apartment Therapy, The Nest, and Huffington Post. Catch her on her book tour for newly released The Flower Chef, a guide for stunning DIY arrangements and get inspired by her Instagram.

Minny Chen

Mindy Chen is the coordinator at Arts District Coop. The This marketplace located in Downtown LA’s Arts District is great way discover independent businesses and local makers. Check out the website for upcoming events and stay on top of the latest goods coming out of LA with the help of their Instagram.

The Best Local Makers and Goods in Los Angeles


1. What locally made products do you use?
AS: A few locally made things I love and incorporate into my everyday: Hedley & Bennett aprons, P.F. Candle Co. candles, Vrai & Oro jewelry, Health-Ade kombucha, Because Cookie Dough cookies, and Good Bites truffles!
CC: I have to go for the obvious on this one and say flowers. Being in SoCal, we have so many farms surrounding LA that it’s easy to buy locally grown flowers.
TD: The most local products we use are produce we buy from the many Farmers Markets that Los Angeles is blessed with. Farmers from as far North as San Luis Obispo will drive down for the day to sell their fresh fruit and vegetables.
MC: I use locally made candles, hair and body products, perfume and room fragrances made by The Fenix, available online and at the Arts District Co-op.

2. If you want to give someone a gift that truly says Los Angeles, what do you get them?
AS: I love to give the gift of useable art by local ceramicists. We have so many! Knotwork LA, Mount Washington Pottery, and Petersen Pottery are just a few favorites.
CC: I live in Venice Beach, so I always go the hippie route and get people crystals and stones from Mystic Bookstore on Abbot Kinney. My other favorite gift are the coconut oil candles Objects With Purpose made in LA. They can be used as body oil too when warmed and smell so good in my home even unlit.
TD: Sunscreen. Actually for us we like sharing what enjoy doing in our everyday lives that makes Los Angeles a special place to live. From enjoying great Korean BBQ to a morning of paddle boarding.
MC: I would probably get them prints from street artists Colette Miller and Wrdsmth. Colette Miller is the artist who did the Angel Wings around the world and Wrdsmth does murals with his signature typewriter art and inspirational quotes.

The Best Local Makers and Goods in Los Angeles

Photo: Artisanal LA.

3. Where do you go to discover local makers?
AS: I’m fortunate that there are tons of independent boutiques in my neighborhood that specialize in local makers, so a stroll down the main street is all I need to discover new resources! I’m especially fond of Individual Medley, Dream Collective and Broome Street General for under-the-radar finds.
CC: I have participated in expos and fairs like Artisanal LA, which is a great place to meet crafters and cooks.
TD: The Santa Monica Airport has a great flea market on the 1st and 4th Sunday of every month.
MC: Usually social media.

4. Every city tends to have a different style in terms of fashion. What local designer would you say embodies the overall fashion sense of your city?
AS: The gauzy, drape-y apparel at Mixed Business perfectly captures the laid-back and comfortable—yet still fashion-forward!—sensibility that rules LA.
CC: LA is so eclectic and each neighborhood has its own vibe. I’m not too into buying clothes myself, so I don’t know a lot about local designers.
TD: There’s a new line called Garment that is awesome. They are started by designers from Kelly Wearstler and Band of Outsiders, who are 100% committed to reworking, restyling, and reissuing of clothes.
MC: We love local designers such as OPNK and Ron Tomson rnt23.

The Best Local Makers and Goods in Los Angeles


5. Living in a major city can leave you ambushed with shopping options. Are there any mom and pop stores you’ve become loyal to rather than sticking to “the big guys”?
AS: For clothes, I adore Bucks & Does, Lake, and Heist. For homewares and gifts, Rolling Greens is fantastic, and the newly opened Consort has some fantastic stuff too! Oh, and Reservoir is great for an impeccably edited mix of everything.
CC: It’s easy to go local with coffee shops. I frequent Zinque in LA for coffee or wine; it’s an easy place to have a meeting.
TD: The Nikau Kai Waterman shop in Manhattan beach is family owned and caters to surfers and paddle boarders throughout the region. I’d much rather spend money there than Sports Authority.

6. I always tend to find out about new local makers via social media, Instagram specifically, are there any feeds you follow that showcase local makers? Let us know so we can follow along!
AS: Yes! Scoutmob is a must-follow for discovering makers from all per the country!
CC: I follow Anne on Instagram because she’s down-to-earth and in the know.
TD: Check out William Stranger on Instagram, he creates sustainable furniture in his Pasadena studio.
MC: We follow Artists and Fleas, the Odd Market, Renegade Craft Fair and Jackolope.

The Best Local Makers and Goods in Los Angeles

Soaptopia on Venice Bulevard. Photo:

7. One thing that I am always trying to find is locally made beauty products (lotions, soaps, perfumes etc). Any suggestions of where to snag some locally in your city?
AS: Beauty Habit is amazing. The Detox Market is great (though tends to carry more nationally recognized brands). Le Pink and Co. has a fun selection. I believe The Springs has a small apothecary selection.
CC: Soaptopia in Mar Vista is great for soaps!
TD: Soaptopia is just down the street from us!
MC: The Fenix at the Arts District Co-op is the perfect place to get perfumes, bath and body products. They also have over 250 fragrances for their handmade candles.

Thanks everyone! For more best of Los Angeles, check out where the locals go and my picks for the best deals to pick up this spring.


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