The Best Affordable Dorm Furnishings in Your City


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When dealing with the stresses of a new school year, doing a price-comparison on cheap futons is probably the last thing on your mind. So whether you’re looking to furnish a dorm or off campus housing, we’ve done the hard work and found the best deals on affordable furnishings in your city. Nothing is over $250, and everything is perfect to efficiently fill your small space. And if you’re looking for more affordable furnishings for college, take a look at our Dorm Room Essentials market. If only you could get on the Dean’s List for smart shopping!


This Ikea glass desk and shelf combo ($80) paired with a comfy chair ($5) makes for the perfect study area. Snuggle up in this sleeper twin bed ($200) with a modern lamp and nightstand ($30) at your side.

Total Cost: This entire room will only set you back $315!

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This lofted bed is a sleep and study area all in one ($225), with an antique lamp ($20) and simple metal chair ($15) to round it out. Finish off the look with a huge modern wardrobe ($199).

Total Cost: Furnish an entire room for only $459.

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This lofted twin bed comes with a side table and shelving ($220), and pairs well with this Crate and Barrel bookcase ($65). Curate a little work area with this modern desk ($50), floor lamp ($25), chalkboard ($15) and chair ($5.50).

Total Cost: Just over $380. Not bad, right?

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Los Angeles

Stretch out in this queen-sized bed ($150) with a modern nightstand and matching floor mirror ($20 each) nearby. When it’s time to get to business, this brand-new white desk ($75) and tiered floor lamp ($15) are ready to roll.

Total Cost: Getting this complete look for only $280!

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New York

This lofted bed/futon hybrid ($150) is the start of a well-organized space: keep your clothes looking their best with this modern wardrobe ($95) and shoe storage ($20), and start cramming for exams at your desk ($65) with accompanying lighting ($15).

Total Cost: Fill a whole room for only $345.

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Kick back on your comfy couch ($125) with your feet up on a sleek coffee table ($50) when you’re finished putting in a day’s work at your modern desk ($75). Bring everything together with an office chair ($50) and nightstand ($45).

Total Cost: Curate your new home for $345.

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San Francisco


This multi-level desk ($25) and bookshelf ($75) will ensure that everything is kept in it’s proper place, so you can feel free to relax on your leather sofa ($185). Some geometric mirrors ($25) and cheerful nightstand ($80) add a pop of color.

Total Cost: It’s just $390 to get your dorm design underway!

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Hope you’re inspired to get shopping! And if you’re looking to get rid of anything that’s dorm or small apartment friendly…now’s the time to list and tag with the keyword “dorm”.


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