The Bed — New York City Vs. Los Angeles


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Beds fit for a king!

Beds fit for a king!

It’s the most important piece of furniture in the home. The bed is where you dream, read, and perhaps where you need to spend more time. We picked two of our favorite beds on Krrb that show the very different antique tastes of New York City and Los Angeles.

Vintage Wrought Iron Bed in Los Angeles, California



An antique wrought-iron full-sized bedframe, headboard and footboard features floral accents at the intersections of the sturdy iron bars. The white chipped-paint patina adds to the character.

Find it on Cnk333‘s Corner. $500.

1940s Mahogany Bed in New York, New York



Another full-size bed frame, the footboard in this dual-toned mahogany piece showcases beautiful criss-crossing detail. The reddish-brown tropical hardwood really shines in this antique bed, giving it a rich look.

Find it on Furnish Green‘s Corner. $125.

Our Vote

Even though we love the charm of chipped paint on a wrought-iron bed, the solid mahogany bed is a steal at just $125. Simple and understated, it classes up any decor.

Your Vote

Weigh in on which piece you would feature in your bedroom. Would you sleep on the farm-chic wrought-iron bed or the stately mahogany one?


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