The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week


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Krrb — The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

Krrb is a great place to find everything and anything secondhand, handmade and vintage. We can only imagine how these finds ended up on the classifieds in the first place. Whether or not you were looking for these unusual listings, The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week are for sale, each in need of a new home.

This week we’re checking out vintage roller skates, a pair of bowling pins, and an antique scale. Let’s go!

Vintage Roller Skates in West Town, IL

Krrb — The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

You’ll be skating around the neighborhood in no time with these vintage roller skates! Not very much information on the skates but they look to be in working condition. They’re here just in time for summer so you can skate wherever you go and if you’re so inclined, maybe choreograph an amazing dance routine to skate to. – $25

Vintage Original Wood Bowling Pins in Hudson, NY

Krrb — The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

Who has a bowling alley and is missing two bowling pins? Well, you’re in luck! These vintage bowling pins, from the 1900’s, are in excellent condition. They’ll need to be spruced up a bit with a new paint job but other than that, they’re ready to be knocked down over and over again! – $29

Melissa & Doug Learn-to-Play Piano in Manhattan, NY

Krrb — The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

Look at this adorable little piano for your adorable children…or maybe yourself? It’s never too late to learn a new skill. But in all seriousness, it’s never too early to give a kid the gift of music. It’s a fun way for them to play and explore their musical abilities. Who knows, maybe you’re raising the next Beethoven! – $35

Antique Royal Penny Scale in Secaucus, NJ

Krrb — The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

This working antique scale was used in drug stores in the 1930’s to show customers what their weight should be based on their height. It’ll make a perfect addition to your vintage bathroom, man cave or home bar. Flip it to coin-operated and watch as the quarters start rolling in! – $400

Wonderful Antique Creche Neapolitan Jesus Christ Figure in McHenry, IL

Krrb — The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week

Finally rounding out the week, the creepiest doll I’ve ever seen on Krrb! It’s been reparied to great condition and the seller has every answer to any question you might have! Questions like, how will I sleep at night with this in my home? But seriously folks, let’s find this guy a happy home! – $550

There you have it! All the weird things I found on Krrb this week. What about you? Did you find anything strange? Let us know in the comments.

  • EddyMelv

    Hi, Krrb ers ! First time on this page. I found it like many — by tripping over it during my travels. I do have a few things that I am sure people have seen, but I would like confirmation as to what they are.
    For starters, I found these at a local auction. I will wait for some feedback as to what they are. I did get an answer at the auction, but it was purely as guess….
    Thanks !
    Now, I need to find out how to upload a pic so you people can see it…