The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week


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Krrb is a great place to find everything and anything secondhand, handmade and vintage. We can only imagine how these finds ended up on the classifieds in the first place. Whether or not you were looking for these unusual listings, The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week are for sale, each in need of a new home.

This week we’re checking out a lot of dolls, some cookie jars and an armoire. Let’s go!

Mark Robert’s Mr. Peter Cottontail in San Ramon, CA


Easter is so close, which can only mean one thing…here comes Peter Cottontail! That’s right, this doll has it all! He stands 13″ tall and is rockin’ some pretty dope velvet clothes to go along with it. Of course he comes with a top hat and puffy white tail, as well! – $39

Headless Baby Doll Lamp in Brooklyn, NY


Speaking of dolls…how would you like to fall asleep with this headless baby doll lamp on your nightstand? He’s dressed for success, has no head and looks like he’s always got a bright idea or two! – $75

Wall Face in Chicago, IL


Let’s keep ’em creepin! Not a lot of info on this wall face but it’s apparently hand painted and was made in Italy. Looks like it’s in pretty good condition so if you want a face hanging on your wall, here’s your chance! – $35

Adorable Vintage Pixie Elves Cookie Jars in Oak Park, IL


I can’t think of a more delicious way to enjoy cookies than out of an elves head! All in pretty good condition, there are some minor scratches and discolorations but those can be easily fixed! – $30

Turn of the Century Armoire in Brooklyn, NY


Finally, we’ve got your average turn of the century armoire…or so that’s what you think! Look closer, see those two side pieces? Yeah, they’re actually caskets! How cool is that? Use this armoire until you die and then be buried in it! – $4,200

There you have it! All the weird things I found on Krrb this week. What about you? Did you find anything strange? Let us know in the comments.


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