The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week


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Krrb is a great place to find everything and anything secondhand, handmade and vintage. We can only imagine how these finds ended up on the classifieds in the first place. Whether or not you were looking for these unusual listings, The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week are for sale, each in need of a new home.

This week we’re checking out a landline telephone, a breadbox lamp and a bunch of art. Let’s go!

Breadbox LED Lamp Wall Art in Dimond, Oakland


You love bread. Why else would you have a breadbox? You don’t want to look like some loser with a standard breadbox though. That’s why you need this breadbox LED lamp wall art. It’s light weight and can be mounted to a wall easily or let it sit on a counter. Either way, everyone will know you love bread with the quote from playwright Jean Anouilh lighting up! – $145

Tigger Telephone in Petaluma, California


As a child I loved Winnie the Pooh and all of his pals. I also thought that our landline phone was pretty lame, mom and dad. So I think it’s time to upgrade to something pretty cool. A Tigger telephone. What better way to hop on the nostalgia train than with a classics children’s book and a piece of technology that is out-of-date? – $60

Large Brass Pelican Statue in Chicago, IL


Now this, this is art! This foot-tall pelican is made entirely of brass and is by far one of the more unique pieces I’ve seen. The detailing is on point. It’ll look exquisite in any room of the house or, you know, outside somewhere on display! – $100

Vintage Clown Portrait in Chicago, IL


Are you down to clown? This vintage clown portrait from 1962 is definitely down to clown. It’s in pretty good condition with slight creases in the corner and definitely very special. – $110

Vintage White Porcelain Rose Decorated High Heel in New Smyrna Beach, Florida


So many memorable, yet different, pieces of art this week. Show everyone how classy you are and how much you absolutely adore high heels with a porcelain high heel! Decorated with a pink rose on top and gold trimming, this piece is perfect for any princess! Some of the trim is worn from age but there are no cracks or chips. – $8

There you have it! All the weird things I found on Krrb this week. What about you? Did you find anything strange? Let us know in the comments.


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