The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week


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Krrb is a great place to find everything and anything secondhand, handmade and vintage. We can only imagine how these finds ended up on the classifieds in the first place. Whether or not you were looking for these unusual listings, The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week are for sale, each in need of a new home.

This week we’ve got a lot of food with faces on it and I love it!

Giant Banana in Boston, MA


Shut it down! This is literally the best thing I’ve ever seen on… ever. This Giant Banana is awesome. Not a lot of info on this guy but do you really need it? I mean, it’s a giant banana for you to cuddle with! YUM! $20.

Erte Folies Bergère Vintage Advertising Poster in Brooklyn, NY


This is an interesting piece of artwork, to say the least. This French advertisement was made for the Folies Bergère Music Hall in Paris and was designed by the artist Erte. It is in pretty good condition and would look great hanging on any wall! A little risqué but that’s half the fun of art, am I right? $380.

Swarovski Animal Skull in Manhattan, NY


You guys, I’ve seen a lot of animal skulls in my day but this one… this one takes the cake! It’s covered in black diamonds, you guys! Black diamonds! How cool is that? This would look awesome on any wall in your home or office or child’s bedroom… mmm, maybe not a child’s bedroom. Either way, it’s super interesting and I super want it! $725.

Mid-Century Amusement Park Ride Sign in Essex, MA


This big, old sign will let everyone know that you’re the kind of guy that likes to have fun! It’s in pretty good condition, though it is a little rough around the edges. There are so many things you could do with this sign, from hanging it on your wall as decoration, to turning it into a sweet desk or table. The possibilities are endless! $280.

Louis Marx & Company Tin Toy Corn on the Cob in Baltimore, MD


Last, but certainly not least, is ANOTHER piece of food with a face on it! That’s right folks, a whole stalk of corn… riding a tricycle… and it actually moves! I don’t know what exactly you would do with this thing. It’d make a very unique decoration or just a nice reminder that corn is delicious. $55.

There you have it gang! I think if we’ve taken anything away from this article it’s that any food that has a face on it is probably a good buy!


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