The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week


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Krrb is a great place to find everything and anything secondhand, handmade and vintage. We can only imagine how these finds ended up on the classifieds in the first place. Whether or not you were looking for these unusual listings, The 5 Strangest Listings on Krrb This Week are for sale, each in need of a new home.

Birds, rickshaws, more robots—what a fantastic world of vintage items we live in!

Old Vintage Rickshaw in East Los Angeles, CA


Woah, hold on one second. Who needs a bike when you could ride around on this rickshaw?!? Seriously, there isn’t anything more eco friendly and healthy for you (if you are the one pulling this bad boy around)? $299.

Kent Greenbaum Original Frigid R-813 Robot in Natick, MA


Look, we’ve got another Robot this week. These things just keep popping it everywhere! Hmm, kind of like how they’re going to keep popping up and taking over our world! $429.99.

Vintage Mid-Century Typewriter Ribbon Ad Art in New York, NY


For all those typewriter lovers out there this is just the artwork for you! Vintage advertising for a device that is well out of technological use…it’s a young, hip writers decorative dream! You’re just in luck if you’ve stumbled across this here. Way to go! Buy one, buy all three. Go crazy! $50.

Vintage Football Sweater in Kokomo, Indiana


Aaay! Check out this sweater. It’s pretty cool looking. You’d look like The Fonz, if The Fonz played football. Maybe that’s a bad example. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, this is probably one of the coolest articles of clothing you’ll ever have the opportunity to own. $75.

Audry Mabee Crazy Birds I Have Known in Crown Hill, Seattle


You like birds? I hate birds, at least city birds, flying rats if you ask me. These water colors though, they’re the exact opposite of flying rats. They’re pretty cute and unique. I’d hang these up so maybe you should buy them before I do. As they say, the early bird gets the water colored bird art. $75.

There you have it folks. A bunch of fun stuff for you to spend money on! Just imagine the conversation starters these babies will bring.


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