SXSW — Check Out Krrb’s Panel at Interactive 2014


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SXSW — Check Out Krrb's Panel at Interactive 2014

At South by Southwest in Austin this week? Be sure to check out Krrb on the “User-Generated Content: Who Owns What?” panel. Wrapping up the Interactive 2014 conference will be Krrb CEO George Eid discussing the ramifications of legal ownership over user-generated content. The event will be Tuesday, March 11 from 3:30 to 4:30pm at the Driskill Hotel.

Ownership of user-generated online content is a hot topic with companies from Twitter to Craigslist claiming ownership over words and images provided by users. George Eid, along with CEO of Spinn3r and co-founder of the Open Access Coalition, Kevin Burton; CEO/Founder of 3Taps, Greg Kidd; and co-founder of reader-created magazines JPG and Everywhere, Paul Cloutier discuss what the future holds for user-generated content and the adverse effects on Internet Law.

Last year Craigslist threatened Krrb with legal action, claiming its users did not have the right to copy their own information from Craigslist to other platforms using tools such as the Krrb It button. In doing so, users were subject to up to a $25,000 fine. This threat of litigation from Craigslist resulted in Krrb reluctantly dismantling the Krrb It button as it applies to Craigslist.

Don’t Miss the Panel

Tuesday, March 11, from 3:30-4:30PM in the Driskill Ballroom at Driskill Hotel, 604 Brazos Street in Austin. For more details, visit the SXSW schedule.


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