It Was a Taco-eating, Hat-swapping, Vinyl-selling, Book-giving, T-shirt-buying, Handmade-showcasing kind of Sunday


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Krrb Swap and Communty Yard Sale at Mission Dolores Bar in Brooklyn

Krrb Swap and Community Yard Sale at Mission Dolores Bar in Brooklyn.

This past Sunday was our first Krrb Swap and Community Yard Sale which was held in Brooklyn’s Mission Dolores Bar in Park Slope. We had over

…75 people in attendance, more than 25 swappers and sellers, 10 boxes of leftover clothes and housewares donated to Goodwill and a variety of killer tacos. The vibe was fun, friendly and totally relaxed – one might say the Swap was a perfect real-life version of Krrb.

A big thanks to the many happy swappers and sellers that came out with their goods, to Mission Dolores for generously letting us use their space, to Oaxaca for bringing the tasty tacos, to the blog love, and to our volunteers that made the day go by smoothly, fashionably, easily and hospitably.

Check out the picture gallery for the smiling faces that joined us yesterday and we hope to see you at the next Krrb Meetup!

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Current Krrb Meetup Groups around the world.

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So, go, and Meetup!

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  • We are most definitely gonna plan a swap soon in Paris! And crepes sounds like a super idea!

  • Someone in Paris should do a Krrb Swap with crepes.

  • Me too! Jessica great job in rocking this out, and thanks to everyone who gave a helping hand! Tacos from Oaxaca … yum! You simply cannot get a good taco in Paris :'(

    I’ll be at the next meetup on April 28th at Greenpoint Coworking –

  • Soooooooo bummed to have missed this! Looks like there were tons of great treasures to be found! I am already getting my boxes ready for the next one…