Sustainable Filmmaking — Tips on Going Green


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Krrb — Sustainable Filmmaking — Tips on Going Green

Since the age of 16 I’ve pretty much been obsessed with filmmaking. I remember at an early age knowing that I wanted to be involved with filmmaking in any way I possibly could. After several years working on film sets both big and small, I’ve come to realize that being green on a film set is the least of anyone’s concerns. There’s already way too much going on for anyone to truly be worried about what effect their film is having on the environment and understandably so. That’s why I’ve compiled a few different ways for you to make your next film, no matter how big or small, eco-friendly.

Reusable Water Bottles

Krrb — Sustainable Filmmaking — Tips on Going Green

I have worked on plenty of film sets and the number of plastic water bottles that get thrown away far out number the cast and crew. If you’re working on a small shoot with friends, ask them to bring a reusable aluminum water bottle or provide as many as you can. If you have the budget though, you should definitely supply for the entire crew. This is not only an eco-saver, but a money saver in the long run as well!

Cater Locally

Krrb — Sustainable Filmmaking — Tips on Going Green

Keeping your crew well fed is the key to their happiness, but instead of filling your crew with junk food, look into all your options. Finding a local and organic restaurant or catering service will put money back into your economy and give your crew some healthier options. Pizza is great and all but foods that won’t slow your crew down may be a bit better.

Build a Community

Krrb — Sustainable Filmmaking — Tips on Going Green

Here’s the best tip I can give you, build a community of filmmakers and friends who share your goals. When you and your friends help one another out, it will not only drastically bring down your costs but you’ll learn all sorts of new skills by working whatever position needs to be filled. Just finished directing your first short—well that’s great but your friend need a sound guy on his next project so get to work! I can’t begin to tell you the number of shorts I’ve made for $50 and some favors.

Three Perf Film

Krrb — Sustainable Filmmaking — Tips on Going Green


Most everyone in this day and age shoots digitally—it’s more cost effective, cheaper and makes post-production much easier. Bigger productions sometimes still use film and if you truly believe your indie-short needs to be shot on film then go for it! With that being said, if you must shoot on film look into getting three perf film. As opposed to your standard four perf film, three perf uses 25% less film and chemicals for processing.


Krrb — Sustainable Filmmaking — Tips on Going Green

Lastly, the most obvious way to make a more green film is to recycle. If some of these options are just out of your price range, do all you can to make sure plastic, paper, glass and anything else that can be easily recycled is!

How will you make your next film greener? What other ideas do you have?


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