Stay Home — 10 Tips to Prep for Hibernation


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As the winter season grows cold, it’s time to head indoors. In the spring, it’s all about the garden, cleaning and getting reacquainted with nature. In the summer we dine al fresco, swim and sun, and find many a garage, yard and stoop sale from neighbors near and far. Come fall, we take in the changing of the leaves, hike through the hills, drive for the views, grill into the night.

But winter is really when we stay at home, inside, all cozy-like. Similar to our primitive ancestors, we hibernate, so to speak. Now is a time to bunker down, bundle up and appreciate how we are compelled to stay home.

What you do during your hibernation is entirely up to you, of course. Perhaps it’s time to make a dent in that ever expanding reading list, finish that knitting project you started, try out the long and slow recipes you avoided in the heat of the summer, or watch the Oscar nominated movies of last year. Either way, winter is, for the most part, a domestic experience.

With just over six more weeks of winter, we have a few tips to make the last stretch comfortable, full of lounging opportunities and excuses to curl up by the fire.

Cozify Your Home



Build a fragrant fire. Wrap bundles of eucalyptus, pine cones, and cinnamon sticks into rolls of newspaper for a seasonally scented fire-starter.

Offer slippers to your guests. If you have a shoes-off policy at home, set out a basket of slippers or heavy socks by the front door to make people feel welcome right from the start.

Add up with a throw or two. Pile blankets and throws at the foot of the bed and on the sofa for easy access. It’s functional and decorative.



Layer up with rugs. Put out carpets or temporary rugs during the winter. They help trap heat and make a warmer home, not to mention keep your toes happy.

Keep lotions on hand in every room. Give yourself and your guests a chance to relieve seasonal dry skin. It’s the right thing to do.



Winterize your bedding. Make the switch to flannel sheets which retain heat for toastier slumber.

Set out a bowl of clementines. Not only does this healthy snack offer a punch of color to your surroundings, the Vitamin C boosts immune systems and keeps winter doldrums at bay. Plus they’re in season!

Keep a pot of spiced tea brewing. Hot drinks will not only warm you up, the fragrance of hot spices will heat up the senses.



Bring in the plants. Botanicals such as the Boston Fern and the Areca Palm are nature’s humidifers, adding moisture back into the air while eliminating toxins.

Add task lighting to your routine. As daylight hours shrink, consider swapping in broad spectrum light bulbs that mimic natural sunlight.

  • Agreed! I’d make sure I’d have tons of baking supplies.

  • I would have to be sure my pantry is stocked with goodies and great ingredients, get a few good bottles of wine, and chill a six pack (or two!) of craft beers.  That, and the above, and I’m good to go!