Spring Cleaning — How To Store Your Winter Clothing


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Spring Cleaning — How To Store Your Winter Clothing

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The first day of spring is just around the corner and our seasonal alarm clocks are going off, letting us know it’s time for some good ole’ fashioned spring cleaning. One of the most tedious things (in my opinion) is storing my winter gear so I can utilize my space for my warm weather wardrobe and accessories. We’re going to break down some ways to help you figure out how you can store your winter goods until next year rolls around.

Before even attempting to pack up and store your sweaters, high socks and snow boots you should go through everything and see what you actually should keep. If you haven’t worn that sweater in the past three months, why keep it? Chances are you that aren’t going to wear it next winter so do yourself a favor and shed yourself of unnecessary belongings. This purge will make you feel great and you’ll have more storage space. Consider donating unused and unwanted items or selling them on a secondhand site like Krrb.

Spring Cleaning — How To Store Your Winter Clothing


One of my biggest annoyances with swapping of seasonal clothing is that when I unpack my sweaters they are always wrinkled or have a stale odor. This is probably inevitable, but definitely can be controlled to some degree. Make sure you wash everything and get your dry cleaning done prior to storing. It would not be a good idea to put a stinky wool sweater in a box for 8 months and then expect it to smell like flowers! Consider putting in a dryer sheet or something else that holds your favorite scent- this will keep things a bit more fresh. Also, make sure you house your items in reliable containers. Steer clear of dry cleaning bags though (your items may become discolored after sitting in that plastic too long) and stick to containers or cloth garment bags for your more precious items.

After everything is washed and dried make sure that fold everything with care so things don’t get too messy. Zipper up anything that has a zipper and make sure you button all buttons so everything keeps its shape as best as possible. You can also separate the layers of folded clothing with tissue paper if there are embellishments that you fear will get caught on delicate items and snag the material.

Spring Cleaning — How To Store Your Winter Clothing

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A tip I have is to store (and label) everything in categories- pants in one section, long sleeved shirts in another, sweaters here etc. You never know when a chilly summer night is going to creep up on us and a heavier knit is necessary for that BBQ. Knowing where everything is will eliminate silly frustrations of searching around for a certain item.

When it comes to winter shoes you should make sure you clean them off before tucking them under the bed! All of the salt and snow that they’ve encountered over the long season can eat away at the material and you won’t be pleased to find them permanently stained when you put them on next.

I’m always looking for better ways to store my stuff, so let us know in the comments below how you swap your belongings during the different seasons! Any cool tips? Tell us!

  • Luke

    So just a suggestion, but I found that taking some stuff out an putting it into storage for a while not helped me save some space, but also figure out what clothing I wouldn’t really miss and could get rid of, without having to make an immediate decision. Personally, I used Closetbox (https://closetbox.me/locations/boston) which was convenient for pick up when I was ready to store some stuff and dropping that stuff back off when I wanted it back again.