Spring Cleaning – A Scrub for the Mind, Body and Soul


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Cleaning supplies from Soulstice Home.

Cleaning supplies from Soulstice Home.

A good spring cleaning isn’t just for clearing the pantry, organizing the junk drawer, and getting rid of long ignored storage. Ultimately it’s about the mental clarity achieved when all the single socks get sent to the textile donation bin and the ease you feel when your couch has been swept from underneath and behind. After a productive day of purging and cleaning, the freshness and levity you feel is the true reward. Sure, you’ll find your canned tomatoes quicker in a well organized pantry, but just wanting to enter the pantry in the first place is the jumping off point. By creating an uncluttered home, you’ll be happier in it and more satisfied in general. This, is the mental spring cleaning.

So what can you do to get your mind ready and open for spring other than cleaning, declutting and organizing? We’ve got some ideas.

Drop A Hobby


Drop a hobby. Yes, you heard us. Drop a hobby. Everyone is always telling you to take up more hobbies, and then you do with a fury, get totally obsessed, and then lose interest. Your knitting pile and 35 millimeter camera sits in the corner of your room, mocking you like the pile of shame it is. And you don’t need that. Get rid of it and move on. You got out of that hobby what you wanted and it’s time to try something new. Guilt need not apply.

Leave It All Behind


Take a daily or weekly walk without your music or phone. Justin Timberlake will be waiting for you when you get home. Walking alone and without stimulus is the perfect activity to start this time of year, what with the increased sun, raising temperatures and passersby eagerly trying to convince themselves its actually hot out. So go outside and clear your mind.

Get In Touch


Email, call and message everyone in your life that you’ve been ignoring for the last year. Aunt Sue doesn’t hate you and your elementary school friend isn’t all that concerned about your whereabouts, so stop avoiding them, pick up the phone, and cross it off the list. Even a 10 minute conversation will go a long way with fortifying your relationships, and it will make you feel like a better person to boot.

Download and Reboot


Declutter your digital presence. From unsubscribing to often ignored email newsletters, to updating your passwords and deleting old accounts on Friendster and the like, you can find peace knowing your digital presence is safe, secure and ready for you to use efficiently. You really don’t need that Limewire app running in your Netscape browser, now do you?

Learn Yourself


Learn one new thing you’ve always been embarrassed you didn’t know. There is nothing more freeing than relinquishing anxiety. And if you get worked up over trivia night, Trivial Pursuit championships or Jeopardy marathons, focus on one thing that had haunted you since 4th grade – history, grammar, geography – open up Wikipedia and start learning. The knowledge and weight off will be exhilarating.

Tell us, how are you cleaning your head for spring?

  • It was really hard for me to do, but i recently sold a bunch of art supplies because I dimply didn’t have the room any more and I hadn’t touched them for almost 10 years. It was hard when I was doing it, but I honestly haven’t thought about them since.

  • Vanessa Londono

    I agree! I think it’s time for me to finally pass off my box of pastels. Are you selling your yarn and embroidery thread on Krrb?

  • godzilla

    i like the first one – drop a hobby. i have a collection of yarn and embroidery thread from public school!