Spotted – Wreckless Eric in NYC


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Josselin of Paris (France) finds Wreckless Eric in NYC.

Josselin of Paris (France) finds Wreckless Eric in NYC.

What: Wreckless Eric compilation LP
Where: Chelsea, NYC
When: Roaming around on vacation (timeless!)
Who: Josselin, fan for life
Trash or Treasure? TREASURE!

Fact n°1: I am in NYC and it’s not every day that I am in NYC (average: one time every six years).

Fact n°2: I am walking in Chelsea with my wife (with no other purpose than walking and looking around).

Fact n°3: On 22nd street (between 8th and 9th avenue), I see a few vinyl records put on the curb.

Fact n°4: I examine them – finding vinyl is itself exciting (I almost stopped listening to CD’s and MP3’s to get back to it).

Before we continue to Fact n°5, you need to know the following…

Like everyone, I’ve got in my music pantheon a cult song—my most played since high school, known by heart, that I proudly introduced to my wife. It’s the first song I learned to play on guitar, that I now play to my kids—pure rock and roll: Wreckless Eric on Stiff records back in 1978, The Whole Wide World.

Fact n°5: In the middle of the curb-side pile, I found the best LP compilation of Wreckless Eric (1979), entitled “The Whole Wide World” – and it’s mint. And it’s there, waiting for ME in the street!

What can I say? Thank you to whoever put this LP here, thank you to those who passed by before me and left it where it was, thank you NYC for making this happen – and thank you to Wreckless Eric for the song!

Don’t know the song? Listen here:

Step-by-step reenactment

Roaming around in Chelsea.

Roaming around in Chelsea.

Oh fun, vinyls on the street.

Oh fun, vinyls on the street.

Josselin is happy.

Josselin is happy.

To continue the joy, watch another video.

Spotted something?

Do you look at trash… differently? Me too! If on your daily roamings you spot an abandoned something that made you dream a little, let us know. Take a picture and tell us a nice story that includes what, where and when. Also let us know whether you took it home (treasure!) or if you left it right where it was (trash!). Email your spottings to

Josselin Charier lives in Paris with his wife and kids. He is the cofounder of Studio Hari and makes a killer pot au feu.


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