Spotted — Couch on the Street in Paris


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Spotted! Couch in Belleville, Paris

Rue du Liban – Belleville, Paris

What: A dirty old green couch
Where: Rue de Liban – Belleville, Paris
When: Early morning
Who: George, bike rider and garbage enthusiast
Trash or Treasure? TRASH!

Each morning I ride my bike to work. Over the years I’ve tried various routes. It’s not the shortest path that I’ve settled into, but one that reminds me why I love living in Paris

Cutting through the morning hustle of Gambetta, I head down towards Rue Sorbier – a large street recently reduced to a 2-lane road in order to create bigger sidewalks and more green (gotta love the French).

I take a side street off Rue de Ménilmontant so that I can pass Notre Dame de la Croix and hobble down the cobbled Rue du Liban where the homeless rest well and a cute little flower shop just opened.

Here I spotted a dirty old green couch. Looks like it’s been there for a few days. The only home to this couch could only be the trash. But it does look like it was loved once. Maybe loved once too many times ;)

I passed.

The last leg of my routine morning excursion takes me through Boulevard de Belleville where the produce market takes over (every Tuesday and Friday) creating an obstacle course of vendors, awkwardly parked trucks and the occasional scattering of fruits and vegetables on the ground.

To work, to work……..

Spotted something?

Do you look at trash… differently? Me too! If on your daily roamings you spot an abandoned something that made you dream a little, let us know. Take a picture and tell us a nice story that includes what, where and when. Also let us know whether you took it home (treasure!) or if you left it right where it was (trash!). Email your spottings to

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  • Great blog. So many websites like this cover subjects that aren’t found in magazines. I don’t know how we got on 10 years ago with just magazines and newspapers.

  • Thank You for excellent page! It’s just what I’ve been searching for. Have a nice day! P.S. StubleUpon buttons might be superb addon to your blog!

  • Tex

    One of my buddies used to rearrange furniture on the street into living rooms, so i’d say, definitely, treasure.

  • For sure! Dumpster diving is universal baby! I have at least three things in my house that I brought in from the street including a black trunk that has traveled with me from Chicago to Peoria to NYC to Paris. Last year I brought onto my balcony a bamboo plant that someone abandoned and I brought it back to life …

  • Anonymous

    Agree, definitely trash.

    Was wondering if Paris is like New York in this way (that you can equip your apt with things from the street) — Definitely will pay more attention next time :)