Spotted — Table-top Roulette in Brooklyn


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Table-top roulette

Found: Table-top roulette with pal, The Lamp

Let’s get this party started, shall we?

What: Table-top roulette
Where: Driggs Avenue – Brooklyn, USA
When: After work
Who: Jessica, gambler
Trash or Treasure? TREASURE!

It’s my nightly walk out of the office, on my way to the train, clad in ear buds streaming This American Life. I have an eye out for the goods to be got because I just can’t help myself. Then, this. I know this table-top roulette would be so awesome on game night. I want it. But perhapsmy fingers are a bit too frozen to really take it home. Besides, how could I separate it from it’s pal, The Lamp?

Spotted something?

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