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Olde Good Things

Olde Good Things, the most interesting stores in NY City.

Olde Good Things spotted

What: Huge antiques.
Where: The streets of NYC.
When: A sunny afternoon.
Who: Anon. O. Miss.
Trash or Treasure? Treasure.

While actually running to my therapy session (my heaven sent analyst has been on vacation for two weeks) I stumbled on this truck. Subsequently the next 60 minutes were spent discussing wanting newness in my life.

That’s new people, clients, travel spots. But new objects- never.

Olde Good Things

A parade.

Spotted something?

Do you look at trash… differently? Me too! If on your daily roamings you spot an abandoned something that made you dream a little, let us know. Take a picture and tell us a nice story that includes what, where and when. Also let us know whether you took it home (treasure!) or if you left it right where it was (trash!). Email your spottings to

Images and text sent in by Anon. O. Miss.
Photos are of Olde Good Things merchandise.

  • Van

    Seriously looks like my kind of store! Love the quirky objects and the yellow lettering. Fun post!