Shop Shout Out – Wishlist Vintage

Just one of the many amazing vintage pieces you'll find in Wishlist Vintage!

Just one of the many amazing vintage pieces you'll find in Wishlist Vintage!

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Wishlist Vintage is spawned from the mind of the incredibly fashionable, TaRosa Jacobs. In her shop she sells amazing vintage clothing that’s been added to her collection over the years and locally-made goods in Denver, Colorado. A well established fashion guru, TaRosa’s love for vintage prompted her to open her store and share her knowledge of fashion. The “Thriftonista” chatted with us, and we got to learn so much about the woman behind this cute shop!

Where are you from?
Well, I am an Army brat so I am kind of from everywhere and nowhere. I was born in MO, moved to KY, then two different places in Germany before spending some years in West Point. We finally settled in IL where I finished middles school and high school and went to college before moving to CO. One could say that I am from Southern IL but I like to think that I have been shaped by so much moving around and was not fully molded by any one place.

Totally understandable! So what’s your store called and how did you come up with the name?
My business is called Wishlist Vintage. It started in 2007 as Thriftonista but the “-onista” thing, while somewhat clever at the time, soon hit such a saturation point that I had to figure out something that could be uniquely my own. Also, I started discovering more and more people co-opting the term “Thriftonista” for their own endeavors and I was not comfortable with that. My shop is called “Wishlist” because I want it to be a source of wish fulfillment. I source the best vintage I can find and offer it at outstanding prices. I specialize in sourcing so I am committed to helping people to find vintage items that are on their “wish list.” Finally, making this business grow and be successful is hugely important to me, so every success at Wishlist is a sort of personal wish fulfillment.

TaRosa Jacobs lookin' fashionable as ever!

TaRosa Jacobs lookin' fashionable as ever!

That sounds great! What inspired your business?
I have always been hugely into vintage clothes. My mother, who is impeccably well dressed, introduced me to thrift stores when I was in high school. Her style is very classic, so she was not too stoked on my gravitating toward so many items from the 60s and 70s but I fell in crazy, mad love with the treasure hunt. I could fill a cart with incredible, unique items for $20 at the thrift store, as opposed to spending more than that on one pair of jeans at the mall. Affordable AND unique?! I was hooked.
In June of 2007, I gave birth to my daughter, Cora. After she was born, I wanted to focus on raising her while also still contributing to our household funds. That’s when Thriftonista was born. I figured I would focus on my passion for vintage and see where it would take me. Last year, I opened my first showroom and dubbed it “Wishlist” because it is a dream come true. As a stylist, some people still know me as Thriftonista, but the collection is Wishlist all the way.

We like it! Can you describe how you felt the first day you swung your doors open to the public?
It was quite exciting. It’s always exciting to watch people peruse my collection. They get stoked when they see how large, varied and fantastic my collection is and that makes me happy.

What a find!

What a find!

Your awesome collection makes us happy! How did you know you wanted to sell vintage and locally-made items?
I am passionate about finding good homes for preowned and preloved objects. It is part of my calling to help items find the right home at the right price. There is an incredible sense of fulfillment that comes with seeing a piece go from collecting dust in some forgotten basement to resurrecting it and connecting it with someone who will wear it with great joy and excitement. Sometimes, it feels like I am on rescue missions. I have literally saved things from the trash. Some people end up with estates and have no idea what to do with the clothes. They think they are too silly or outdated, so they will go so far as to throw them away or donate them immediately. I am all about donating, but when an exquisite piece ends up being set aside until Halloween and then covered in blood for some zombie costume, it breaks my heart a little. It’s just tragic. I’ve seen amazing things “re-made” into a costume and they’ve just been wasted. I like to help them find a new home where they will be treasured, not destroyed for fun.
I love handmade items because I love things that have spirit and energy in them. I want to support artisans who invest time into crafting something. I am not one for falling in love with something that has been replicated a million times. I like things that took time and commitment to complete. I’d rather have a dropped stitch or a scorched edge than uniform perfection any day.

Agreed! When you think of vintage what color comes to mind?
Every color you can imagine and then some. Part of the beauty of vintage is finding items in cuts, styles and colors you’ve never seen before.

Are there any places in your neighborhood that you’ve discovered recently?
This summer when I moved into my space I discovered Little Man Ice Cream. Their Banana Chocolate Chip custard is absolutely swoon worthy and obsession inducing! They have lots of great, unique flavors and very generous portions.

A peak into Wishlist Vintage!

A peak into Wishlist Vintage!

Feeling hunger pangs! Yum yum! Do you have a favorite thing about Denver?
There are some brilliant creatives living and working in Denver. I hope that in time this scene will be able to retain more of them rather than their leaving because they can’t get enough work and attention here. I have a fantastic husband and daughter and an incredible close-knit circle of friends, and that’s super special. Also, you can’t beat the climate and the views here. Denverites are surrounded by beauty all the time. My mother reminds me of that. She frequently says “I just think of you getting to see mountains EVERY DAY.” When she says things like that, it reminds me to pause and look around at the beauty of my surroundings. Things you see everyday are easy to get used to but should never be taken for granted. Denver is really a lovely place to live.

Denver is very beautiful! Here’s the most important question of the interview, get ready. What’s your power animal?
Hawks and eagles.I really like birds of prey. I can spot them nearly anywhere and love how majestic and unfettered they are.

Free bird. Love it! Any parting words?
Thank you for doing a profile on Wishlist! You can see more of my work at and on Facebook. Contact me any time for fantastic vintage and designer goods. I ship worldwide!

Thanks so much for chatting with us, Tarosa!


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