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In “Shop Shout Out” we aim to bring you a closer look at some of our business partners on Krrb. Own a shop and a Krrb corner? Let us know and we may just pay you a visit!

We recently had the chance to chat with Kerry Jones, owner of The One Well, a new shop in Brooklyn, New York where all of your sustainability dreams can come true. Selling only local, vintage, and environmentally-friendly products, Kerry is spreading the word about preserving the beautiful world we live in.

Hi Kerry! Where are you from?
I’m from Charlottesville, Virginia but I studied fabric design at UGA in Athens, Georgia. That town molded me—it is so music and art centric—I became who I am there. So I credit Athens more than C-ville for my rearing.

How did you come up with the name, The One Well?
As I was planning this project, deciding on the space, scouting artisans, I was working as a personal chef in the Hamptons. My bestie Kristy was out there living with me, and we were throwing ideas around a lot. She was a pivotal part of this project coming to fruition. As I was conceptualizing the name, she and I were bouncing tons of ideas off one another and discussing themes. We are both Aquarians and always chasing the new new, with our interests lying in multitudinous areas. It became apparent that we both were aiming to hone, to become focused on one or two areas of expertise and study, and a poignant metaphor appeared; instead of digging many shallow wells and giving up when water isn’t promptly reached, we each much strive to dig our one well, and to dig it deep. To persevere, to pour ourself into a project, idea, area of interest, and to become obsessed with it, as opposed to dabbling, which didn’t seem to be serving either of us fully. This is my one well.

A snap shot of just a few vintage, sustainable and upcycled items sold at The One Well.

What inspired your business?
Working as a personal chef, I focused on local and organic food, but I also yearned to implement green practices in the household where I was working. This goal was hard to achieve, as my affluent client was not as interested in environmentally responsible practices as I was, and remain to be. I was even viewed as a radical. So as time went on, and I continued reflecting on what that really meant, for me, for the planet, for others, the concept for this retail sanctuary began to take shape. I knew it was my duty, and it is obviously also a passionate interest, so I set forth. My goal is to make a variety of locally made and vintage wares accessible—items that marry sustainable practices with chic design and a high level of craftsmanship.

Kerry Jones, owner of The One Well.

Can you describe how you felt the first day you swung your door open to the public?
Blissed out.

How did you know you wanted to sell sustainable items?
I watched an incredible film recently called The Red Shoes. The female lead is a dancer, and when asked, “Why do you want to dance?” She responds, “Why do you want to live?”

Intense. Might have to Netflix that one. When you think of sustainability what color comes to mind?
The blue of deep sea.

Are there any places in your neighborhood that you’ve discovered recently?
I am so into Greenpoint. It is THE most adorable neighborhood I have ever lived in, by far. I adore Troost, they have a lovely backyard and they’re tiny and quaint. Eat is a great spot to find local, seasonal dishes and they also carry handmade pottery and wooden spoons, two of my weaknesses. I love Sakura for sushi, Mrs. Kim’s for bibimbop, and Vamos Al Tequila for tamales. Dandelion is my favorite wine shop, their selection of organic wines is top notch and they have killer wine tastings with local cheese and salumi every week. And Caroline at Sparrow gives a damn fine haircut.

From housewares to hand lotion, The One Well has it all. And it's all sustainable!

What’s your power animal?

Nice. Any parting words?
We are all in this together. This is our one world, and it is imperfect but magnificent. We must band together and make the decision to use products with the least negative impact on our planet. The One Well exists because I believe a change can occur. I believe in us.

And we believe in you, Kerry! Good luck with everything…

For more on The One Well, visit or drop in at 165 Greenpoint Avenue and give Kerry a high five! Winter hours are Thurs, Fri & Sat 12-8, Sun 12-7.

  • I love the idea of having one well… Not sure I could do that, though I bet I’d be much more satisfied as an artist and producer if I did! Maybe it’s a new resolution…