Shop Paris — The Joy of French Thrifting at Chine Machine


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Chine Machine — come on in!

Tucked away on one of Montmartre’s quaint one-way streets, Chine Machine is a vintage and thrift shop that is sure to catch your eye from the street. The name often raises the question, what does that mean? Chine comes from the French verb chiner, which means ‘to hunt’, and once you know that, this boutique will become a must in your pursuit for Parisian style. Find out why we think this store is perfect for scouring secondhand.

A rarity in vintage shops, especially in Paris, Chine Machine has a spacious interior that allows both local and international shoppers to ‘hunt’ without bumping into each other while on the quest for that perfect item. In this treasure cave, you’ll find all types of clothing, accessories, and even musical instruments. Sandwiched between a Fender guitar, old records, and 1960s bathing suits, you’ll stumble on any number of dresses, shoes and jackets from Yves St Laurent, Christian Louboutin, Hermes, Marc Jacobs and others. Mixed among the top international designers, you’ll also discover plenty of smaller names as well as vintage accessories from sunglasses to necklaces and bracelets.

Upon first glance, the shop appears messy and chaotic because of it’s overabundance of goodies, but rest assure, it’s not. Everything is skillfully arranged by style and category – a perfectly ordered exploration!

You don't have to decide between shoes, jackets or vinyl. Get it all.

Weekly, the store opens its doors to buy or trade your old clothes. It’s a great way to clean out your closet…then fill it back up with new (old) treasures. Martine Chanin, founder and owner, carefully picks out every item that goes in her store.

A vintage lover and a native New Yorker, Martine came to Paris nine years ago to study comparative literature at the prestigious La Sorbonne University. She started her business in 2008, and in order to get the most unique items for her customers, she says “I travel all around the world and pick up the best of everything.” Lucky gal!

With prices ranging from a little more than a baguette (1.30 euros) for some items to hundreds of euros for others, Chine Machine‘s selection almost guarantees that you’ll walk out of the store with a smile on your face and snazzy stuff in your bag.

Check it Out

Be sure to stop by Chine Machine’s Krrb corner for your fill of Parisian style. And if you happen to be in Paris, visit the boutique at 100 rue des Martyrs, 75018.


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