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Nestled among the handmade shops of rue d’Orsel is KillyGrind, a fun custom couture store. Once you step through the eye-catching green front door, the sound of 1950s Rock’n’Roll music fills the air as you’re met with a huge smile and a ‘Bonjour!’ from Killy, the lovely 30 year-old brunette with tattoos decorating both of her arms. She’s a mix of rock, femininity, and glam and as you wander through her store, you’ll feel like you’re at a party with Bambi, Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe. This young Parisian is passionate about retro fashion, second-hand garments, burlesque, all kinds of eccentricities and kitschy goods.

At KillyGrind, you’ll find a mix of customized denim shorts, 1950s-inspired floating dresses shirts with one-of-a-kind patterns, jewelry and accessories. Every item for sale has been designed or customized in her shop, which also doubles as a studio. In fact, KillyGrind’s name is a mash up of Killy for ‘killer’ defining the fierce nickname of the owner and Grind is a tribute to the early 1980’s skateboarding scene that she grew up in as well as an anagram to her first name: Ingrid.

Killy has worked for years designing for herself and friends here and there, but her work really started to pay off when she won the Best Designer award from a prestigious Parisian fashion competition Who’s Next? in 2010. “When I was a little girl I loved making dresses for my dolls,” says Killy. It wasn’t long before French fashion magazines took notice of her and Killy quickly moved up in Paris’ vintage and custom couture networks. In 2011, Killy fulfilled her childhood dream by opening a store where she could offer creations in limited edition and unique pieces. She couldn’t have chosen a better a spot, KillyGrind is located on rue d’Orsel, well-known for indie and handmade stores and small shops.

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KillyGrind's most loyal customer, Booby!

KillyGrind's most loyal customer, Booby!

You don’t want to miss this unique store. Visit KillyGrind at 47 bis rue d’Orsel, 75018 in Paris. You can also check out her Krrb corner to stay on top of the fashions.

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