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Do what the locals do, buy what the locals buy – that’s my motto whenever I travel. I have nothing against doing touristy things, but when I think back to all my travels, the memories that stand out the most are the moments that I found myself having tea in a remote Bedouin camp in the desert of Jordan or having a family-style dinner with strangers in Amsterdam.

The same goes for shopping. My job often takes me away from home and I love bringing back a little something for my wife and daughter. Of course I want to buy something local… and what’s more local than someone’s living room?

When I travel, I fire up the Krrb iPhone app and see what the locals are selling. This often takes me on a journey around town that is full of surprises and local discovery.

For us at Krrb, “local” is not solely about proximity, but a way of life that celebrates geography. Though our mission is to enable better local and in-person transactions, our ambition is to highlight local favor all over the world.

Today we’re introducing a new feature on Krrb that’ll enable you to shop local elsewhere. A simple filter that will show you what listings on Krrb can be shipped to you. With listings in 2176 cities and 94 countries, there’s plenty of local flavor to discover.

So go ahead, expand your radius on Krrb to “planet earth” or dip into your favorite city and see all they have to offer. Whenever you buy local anywhere, you support local economies everywhere – whether it be in your neighborhood or someone else’s.

Give it a try, buy local everywhere in my favorite cities – New York City, Chicago and Paris. Or shop an entire country such as the United States!

And while we’re here, comment below with the local stuff you love in your area or your favorite city!

  • Kristel, I’m so glad to hear! We’ve been wanting to do this for quite some time for exactly the reason you mentioned. But technically we were held back. A few weeks ago we made a BIG upgrade to our entire infrastructure that will allow us to add more features fast. So keep your eye open for some major improvements in the months to come. And if you have suggestions for us, post to our new discussion forums at

    ps: your corner is awesome! love your jewelry!

  • Very cool! And by all means not pretentious at all!! Thanks for sharing …

  • Kristel Phears

    I think it’s a great added feature! I live in a pretty small town, so local results may be limited (even on ‘other’ sites that have been around a long time…). For example an hour’s drive away from me is still quite local & supports the local economy, but only makes sense if I’m picking up a large and/or expensive item. For small or medium-sized items that could reasonably ship, it just makes more sense than spending the gas (and carbon footprint!) as well as my time to go get it. So then it is frustrating if I have to sift thru listings manually just to find out if they ship or not.

    Of course, I’m not a ‘completely’ neutral observer here – as I design & sell handmade jewelry, it could certainly benefit me as well! But I joined Krrb (the moment I heard of it and looked into it!), because I’m wanting to both buy & sell more locally – with less worry about scams and flakes as compared to CL.

    Not sure if it’s appropriate to add (if not, moderators please feel free to delete this!), but my Krrb corner is

  • Love this idea! Lately I have been focused on giving friends and family one of a kind, unique gifts from small business and local shops – it’s a win/win, they get a handpicked gift that means something, and I love knowing that my money is supporting entrepreneurial ingenuity. I promise, I’m not trying to be as pretentious as that sounds ;)