Selling Successfully — A Guide to Selling Your Used Items Online


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Selling Successfully — A Guide to Selling Your Used Items Online


Nobody said decluttering was easy. We know about the emotional attachment syndrome linked to our inability to let go of things. We’re aware of the comfort and sense of identity attached to acquiring (lots of) possessions. Like dating and eating healthily, emotion can overrule our intellect and dictate some less-than-smart decisions. Lifehacker, the online authority for getting things done, puts it this way: Decluttering is tough because we look at an item we don’t need and recall the time, energy and money it cost to have. Replace the memories that are holding you back with the prospect of money and start selling.

Krrb is your outlet for earning some extra cash by offering old items for sale online. Get minimal and embrace your inner merchant by selling your stuff. Here’s how to get started:

The Right Product & Customer

Whether you’re trying to sell a stapler or gently used coffee table, identify people (your target market) who would value the item more than you do. Rather than post all your junk on the Internet in the hope someone, anyone, will be interested, get strategic. Determine how much something is worth to a certain type of customer who wants it more than you do.

To narrow down your potential customer base, focus on one profitable product that’s specific and niche. As you go through the appraisal process, ask yourself: Do I need to replace this item? How much will it cost to replace? Or does it have zero impact on my life, and I can just bid it adieu?

Once you’ve decided you can part ways, research the item’s resale value. Check out how much similar items fetch on our listings, and glance at other sites such as Craigslist and eBay. Note the negotiated prices that close sales. Keep in mind, if your product is one of many similarly used products that are widely available, you’ll probably have to lower your price. The rarer and more desired your product is, the higher you can reasonably price it, especially if it’s in good condition.

Catchy Ad & Simplified Transaction

You goal is a quick sale for the best price, which is also the goal of your customers. Snag a quick sale with a solid headline and non-scammy description. The headline should include the bare necessities that are relevant and searchable; the description should be short and concise. Eliminate romantic details about the item such as, “I bought this treasured bookcase with the love of my life” or “This hand-crafted headband was inspired by my love for fashion and passion for artistic expression.” Include acute details such as condition, measurements and any problems, and always provide a clear photo.

Once you’ve snagged a sale, make the exchange in person and in public. We foster a community of neighborly commerce, so be kind, respectful and on time. As the merchant, you can also enhance the customer experience by offering a credit card payment option, especially if selling online becomes more than just a one-time occurrence. Customers may want to use credit or debit cards over cash for higher-priced items. Consider investing in a mobile credit card processing system to expand your money-earning opportunities.


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