Seen and Heard — Flirting in the 1800’s and Pants for Dogs


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Seen and Heard


The Internet is a strange and exciting place filled with all sorts of fun ways to waste time. From DIY projects to educational infographs to silly videos, the Internet has it all! The Krrb team has their ear to the ground—here’s what we’ve been clicking on this week!

We’re back with logos, dog pants and flirting basics. Whatcha waiting for?

What Makes a Logo a Brand

Ever wonder what the thinking was behind some of the world’s most influential logos? Vox takes an inside look with noted graphic designer Michael Bierut to uncover what makes a logo into a brand. In the video, Beirut explains the four classifications of logos: the wordmark, the pictorial, the abstract iconography and the holy grail of all logos: the logo system. However the most important part of the interview is when Beirut says design is just one piece of creating a long-lasting brand. He mentions one of the most famous logos of all time, the Nike Swoosh. It had no meaning the day it was created but with Nike’s marketing and years of corresponding the logo with athletic achievement, it became the powerhouse it is today. To see how Beirut used his experience to create a logo system for the Hillary Clinton campaign and more, check out the video above. —Mateo

Apartment Living in the 1970s

Seen and Heard


I enjoy seeing how other Brooklyners fit their lives inside the tiny apartments we inhabit. So when the New York Public Library released photos by photographer Dinanda Nooney who captured Brooklyn apartment dwellers in the 1970’s and mapped it out so we can see just where these beautiful home were, well, I was all over that. This digital collection will make you wonder why they chopped up all those beautiful apartments into bite-size units that exist today.

Doggie Pants

Seen and Heard


It’s freezing outside, and your dog doesn’t find it fair that his toilet is outside. Make it all better with these new doggie pants from the Canadian company Muddy Mutt. They’re adjustable, waterproof, come in six sizes and hang from your boo with straps that fasten across his back. These are perfect for the unfavorable weather conditions that you’d rather not have tracked back into your home. Unlike you, your pet will have to remove his pants before entering the building again. —Alexandra

Top Myths About Work Productivity

Seen and Heard


If you’re anything like me, I’m guessing most of you are experiencing a bit of a struggle when it comes to moving into post-vacation work mode. Since sometimes all of the coffee in the world can’t get you to kick it into gear, this anti-procrastination tips are here to save the day. See which myths you might be falsely believing (pushing through slumps might actually be a bad thing) and better your chances of starting off the new year on the right foot. I’m still 100% #TeamCoffee, though. —Lauren

Getting Flirty in the 1800s

Seen and Heard


To say that I am obsessed with these would be an understatement. As a female in her mid-20’s I know firsthand that my peers these days just don’t know how to flirt properly. I’m so happy that I randomly landed on a National Geographic article about escort cards from the Victorian Era. Hot damn! These men of the 1800’s were straight forward and knew exactly what they wanted- and then handed out cards to women that they wanted to take home with them. “May I see you home? Or will I have to set on the fence and watch you meander by?” I find myself wondering if I received such a card current day if I would be into it or not. It definitely shows more personality and effort than a text message that simply says “yo”. I vote to bring these back for 2016! —Chrissy

  • Vanessa Londono

    Ha ha! I do wish they would make a comeback. :)

  • Pat S

    Vee, I really got a kick out of the escort cards. Thanks, Pat S